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I Married Hitler

One evening in a pub you see a beautiful girl. You approach her only for her beauty, with the only goal to have sex with her, but during the classic chatters you change your goal because with her, you would you like to spend the rest of the life.
So from a simple sex adventure you find a wife. And what wife! Beautiful, very beautiful, with an exceptional body, intelligent, loyal and above all not troublemakers. Surely it’s the person that everyone would like to have on his side.
Unfortunately she has also secret. Well don’t think, the classic surprise, because Eve is not a Trans.
Eva is first of all the star of this great English B Movie of 2014 that made the full of acclaim from critics and audiences and won some awards at various festivals around the world.
The screenplay written by the welsh brothers John and George North (cousins ​​of a well-known rugby player of the national team) is as simple and sparkling. Director Jake Ball (a bearded brute of two meters) instead seeks the way of Russ Meyer and partly the one of Tarantino, risking much, but winning, using half colors and the other black and white.
A British film with typical British humor inspired by American exploitation cinema with the desire to be a B Movie that is felt from the very first scene, and goes well with the funny interpretation of the two main characters, the blonde (and beautiful) Paula James in the role of Eve and the fatty Richard Hibbard in the role of Joseph, the guy who just married Eva.
With a title like that is easy to image the plot an at this point you'll also have guessed who married who, something that takes away a bit of surprise but that gives to it a great relaxation and as said much fun.
The film opens on silent scenes of Joseph who is preparing to go out with friends. Just outside start a pop/rock music, very brit, party accompanying him in the pub and ends when he approaches Eve, driven by lively encouragement of his friends.
From then on, the two talk, fall in love and married.
And they lived happily. Or at least for a short period in which they seem a perfect couple, and in which the beautiful Eva does not yield to various temptations rather interesting (a sportsman and a famous TV actor, that are crazy for her) trumpeting his absolute loyalty.
Actually there is something strange, because the girl talks in her sleep, seems to impart orders to a crowd of people in a tough language.
One thing on which Joseph jokes with friends but after time causes to him insomnia and stress. So he starts to search something about this problem without telling to his wife and one day discovers a terrible truth. Eva is Hitler.
In the magical world of b movies is possible that Adolf Hitler escaped to Argentina, has made a total plastic and at 125 years old is a blonde with two great tits trying to have a normal life in London.
The discovery changes forever the lives of the two, leading to a horror scene really shocking: Eva in topless with the face of Hitler.
The epilogue is obviously insane and as the whole film described as a bunch of idiots the dictator and his followers as same the segment of Anne Frankenstein in "Chillerama".
Ninety-four minutes fast and carefree with some nude scene (which never hurts) for a really interesting film that will become a classic of the genre.

Technical Data Sheet
Title: I Married Hitler
Year: 2014
Country: USA
Director: Jake Ball
Cast: Richard Hibbard, Paula James, James King, Samson Lee, Tyler Morgan, Gareth Davies, Jonathan Davies, Kristian Dacey
Duration: 94 '
Production Company: WalesFRU