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I Saw Jesus Die

When we planned to see this movie we had the doubt that it could be the last review. Three things let us think it: "Porn", "Denmark" and "Jesus". That her are all together.
After watching it, we sigh with relief, because the three things are all there, but each stand on his own. Denmark the country of this movie provides language and location. "Porn" and "Jesus" instead traveling in parallel without ever colliding, not offending any sensitive soul. Actually the character of Jesus is groped and in another occasions she is spectator hard scenes hard, but he doesn't participate.
So we are faced with simple bad Danish porn of 1975 absolutely terrible and boring, but not shocking that has only positive aspect, an original excuse to put together hard scenes.
Jesus goes around in the earth with his disciples (which are actually post-hippie Danes) who ask him how to behave in certain situations, that because is a porn movie, are things that concern relations with the opposite sex. Jesus explains and we see the examples.
Actually, Jesus doesn't want to teach sex education but only spread the word of universal love. The man does not understand and kills him (we are obviously in the 33 DC).
Sketches one after the other with raids of a devil woman trying to bring Jesus among her army, showing her beauty.
Cast vanished, artistically speaking (hopefully) including directors. The only one who can boast of some other works is the actor who plays the protagonist. Recommended from above?

Scheda Tecnica
Titolo Originale: Jeg så Jesus dø
Titoli Alternativi: I saw Jesus Die (Internazionale), Det blodige kors (Danimarca)
Anno: 1975
Nazione: Danimarca
Regia: Ib Fyrsting, Carl Nielsen
Cast: Finn Tavbe
Durata: 88’
Casa di Produzione: Scorpio Film Productions