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Papi Gudia

The first minutes instill some doubts. It's is of horror movies? The remaining minutes, many, pass between ballets, improbable moments and weird scenes  and yes, we could think of a parody. Instead we are faced with a great B Movie.
If the horror has to shock, leaving the audience with his eyes wide open this film reaches its target. The problem is that it reaches in the worst way, shocking with a terrible prodution and leaving us with wide eyes for a story that does not make much sense.
Bollywood struggling with a remake of an American horror film can't give up many musical moments, love stories and melodramatic moments. And here there is: Papi Gudia.
Probably the worst time of this review comes now, when we reveal that this film would be a remake of 1996's "Child's Play".
Chucky will unleash even more if he saw his Indian version, a kind of doll for nothing scary and always still gives laughs when it tries to drive a car, and of course when it kill people.
The plot follows the original as possible, so we start with a psychopath with dread named Charandas who kidnaps and kills children but is recognized through an identikit  more faithful than a picture and killed by the police.
His magical powers end up in a doll, named Channi. Bought for 100 rupees by Karisma, a showgirl, as a gift for her brother Raju, Channi soon starts to kill.
The police immediately blames Raju but the terrible truth that emerges displaces all and brings us to a final, so to say, explosive.
The fact that Karisma is a dancer and singer, brings us to several moments of songs and dances, in true Bollywood style but doesn't work with the horror story. The direction is trivial and all the special effects are nothing special.
Lawrence D'Souza director leads a cast of famous actors like Karisma Kapoor, Kapoor dynasty of actors, famous and appreciated at home. In the role of the villain is the legendary Shakti Kapoor, an expert in such roles.
"Papi Gudia" colossal flop at the box office is one of those films that any fan of B's ​​should see. If you can resist the two hours of vision.

Technical Data Sheet
Original Title: Popes Gudia
Year: 1996
Country: India
Director: Lawrence D'Souza
Cast: Avinash Wadhavan, Karisma Kapoor, Rinnu Anand, Mohan Joshi, Subbiraj, Brahmachari, Shradda Verma, Vika Anand, Shakti Kapoor
Duration: 130 '
Production Company: Aum Films