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A Los Cirujanos Se les Va La Mano

The Italian snobbery of those who dominated the world with genre cinema, leads us to look with suspicion all the movie that seem remake in some way to one of our genre.
Take for example the erotic comedy. Whenever we are faced with a non-Italian production, is automatic the comparisons and the fact that we had Fenech, Banfi, Vitali and a host of great characteristics. The others no.
All true, it's history but this perfection leads us to enjoy less movies that deserve respect, as in the case of this "A los cirujanos se les va la mano".
The Argentine Hugo Sofovich eclectic director, screenwriter and artist in 1980 run a screwball comedy that has a very important cast.
Alberto Omedo and Jorge Porcel, the protagonists are an Argentine certainty for the genre and two of the most important comedians of their country. The two beautiful which of course cannot miss are Moria Casan and Susana Gimenez whom with two colleagues formed a quartet which in the eighties gain a great success. They are joined by another famous comedian, the Chilean Coco Legrand.
The story of this film of 1980 is the classic story of cunning and misunderstandings, aimed for conquer two women. A very normal story, almost trivial.
Alberto and Jorge are two male nurses for a hospital a bit 'weird and pretend doctors to conquer Moria and Susana, two new doctors. Their adventures go for medical examinations to female patients and medical practices that seek to prevent or to adjust somehow. But when they have to operate in emergency, a crime boss they are discovered.
Some tits, a few hot situations, but compared to our erotic comedies we are much, much, more restrained.
Here we go again with the Italian snobbery? No, because the result of "A los cirujanos se les va la mano" is not bad even in the face of a very poor production. Some funny gags, absurd, and that's it.
Yes in Italy there would be farts, and showers. But it's another story.

Technical Data Sheet
Title: A los cirujanos if les goes hand
Year: 1980
Country: Argentina
Director: Hugo Sofovich
Cast: Alberto Olmedo, Susana Gimenez, Jorge Porcel, Moria Casan, Mario Lozano, Coco Legrand
Production Company: Aries Cinematográfica Argentina
Lenght: 87 '