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Beyond The Grave

A film producer writes to us, to suggest the vision of one of his movies. We accept the suggestion, hoping to have done the right thing we start to watch “Porto Dos Mortos” (AKA “Beyond The Grave”), for free, on Hulu.

Two things suddenly appear in front of us: this is a Brazilian film and the title reminds the living dead. Doubts. Maybe it's just one of the many zombie movies, maybe set in a Brazil far from its usual image. Neither heat of colors.

Well since the beginning there is anything about the cheerful Brazil, because we are in a livid Porto Alegre, with some zombies wandering. Yes, this must be one of the many films that follow the Americans, denying its own cultural background.

We think to stop to watching it, postpone the vision in another moment, but we are attracted by the direction and photography. And it’s our fortune, our salvation. Because minute after minute we get into a film that is a truly independent masterpiece, strong of a great plot, a great direction and with an endless game of references. Non to be missed.

The Brazilian Davi de Oliveira Pinheiro, after working for several years in the documentaries, made his debut with a hit in a feature movie, which also wrote the script. Luck or great skill that is, his "Porto Dos Mortos" is a film that works fine, a sharp work, disturbing and above with an excellent production. First at all Pinheiro moves the weight of the zombies, no more killers, but a sort of victims of a supernatural force that rules a post-nuke world. And it was what we always wanted and hoped to see. Then the central structure is an history between crime and the horror led by a character known only as Policial (or Officer in the English version), which investigates and tries to catch the "Dark Rider" a serial killer that kills many victims. In his travels between Porto Alegre and the rural province Policial meets the inevitable series of survivors who, as always, are divided into good and bad, his adventures are across different genres (there are Samurai and Cangaceiro) touching peak of violence, horror and use of uncommon weapons.

The movie as mentioned before is also very beautiful to see, thanks to the excellent work of Carmem Fernandes and cinematographer Mellissandro Bittencourt both, as Pinheiro, at debut in a feature film.

True pearl of independent cinema and genre Brazilian movies “Porto Dos Mortos" in terms of weakness has excessive introspective characters moments that slow down sometime a very bright plot.

Described by many as the first existentialist zombie movie “Porto Dos Mortos” has a cast also capable of creating great characters and as mentioned, a long game of references that go crazy, as usual cinema fans. Several are the references to other movies and many are the genre from American exploitation of seventies, passing by the Italian genre cinema and horror American/Japanese mainstream movies. Here there is a full list.

Very well received by critics "Porto Dos Mortos", was produced with only $ 155,000 budget, undoubtedly well used and self-financed by the director and producer Isidoro B.Guggiana.

Six years, many, to see  his first feature film in which Pinheiro tried to put large spaces filled by the last living humans. The documentary school led the Brazilian filmmaker to manage well a mixed picture, putting on the spotlight, the cinema of his country.

 We said at the beginning we saw  it for free on Hulu. There is a geographical restriction for non us viewers easily avoidable with several plugins, we used Hola.


Technical Data Sheet


Title: Porto Dos Mortos

Alternative titles: Allá Más de la Tumba (Spanish title), Beyond the Grave (English title)

Year: 2011

Country: Brazil

Directed by Davi de Oliveira Pinheiro

Cast: Rafael manholes, Alvaro Rosacosta, Ricardo Seffner, Amanda Grimaldi, Luciana Verch, Leandro Lefa, Tatiana Paganella, Adriano Basegio

Duration: 89 '