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La Soldatessa alla visita militare

The maximum power of the Italian sexy comedy. Farts, bad languages and vulgar jokes. But it's always a huge power.
An explosive mixture born from the epic meeting with the genre and the military world. On the one hand the female body, the showers, the boobs and on the other a period of life which, especially in those years, the young couldn't escape. Leaving behind the screwball comedies like "General Buttiglione," the Italian sexy comedy sling in this kind of story with all the desire to exaggerate possible. A sound of farts, of penises that split bricks of diarrhea and masturbation. Here is the second chapter of the “female soldiers" that bursts with a vulgarity hard to reach. Already with "La dottoressa del distretto militare" we had seen many trash situations, but with this movie, Nando Cicero goes further, creating an endless series of situations that horrify the audience.
We must admit, there is not even the shadow of a fine comedy, but this is one of those titles that made history, both for the commercial success, and both for the role covering and also for our own discretion.
 What little remains beyond the vulgarity, explains the success of this chapter, which mocks the Italian society, showing the ignorance of many, the ineptitude of the military and the one of the State.
With these things can not miss the presence of the beautiful, the flower that sprouts from the mud, she is a hope, she is the perfection. And the beauty is the divine Edwige running among troopers, with skimpy towels, with her tits to the wind and when it goes well with a pair of short, who as a logical consequence light the minds of the soldiers. Her character, however, is not the quarry in the middle of hungry animals, because Eva Marini, decades before soldier Jane and laws in Italy that have opened the barracks to the women is a doctor who wants at all costs to make a military career. A strong character, which in addition to showing parts of the body, shows certain strength and a no fear to stand in the den of wolves. Nando Cicero and Francesco Milizia build a very good structure for the genre, working with an endless series of movie stars of seventies, used to the best of their abilities.

The leader of the platoon stationed at the "Campo Z" is Colonel Narciso Fiaschetta, played by a good Renzo Montagnani that mixes the authority with a thousand neuroses. His right arm is a doctor played by a schizophrenic Leo Gullotta, following the lines of interpretation of another great actor for such roles: Enzo Robutti. And then the "cannon fodder". Led by a wild Alvaro Vitali, inveterate masturbator and gifted that with Antonio Spinnato, Lucio Montanaro   gives life to long trash sequences. Michele Gammino instead as cloth comedy is the pretty rebel who wins the hearts of the female protagonist. Because at the end only the location changes with the story follows the tenets of the genre, transferred to the "Campo Z" (the location is the island of Elba) a place with the worst italian soldiers. There with scientific experiments on how to empower the soldiers, comes the beautiful Eva Marini, who naturally turns heads at all. And a fart on fire enters the history of cinema.