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Anno 2020: I Gladiatori del futuro

The beginning is a thunderous amazing explosion. It’s ok, because we are in a post-nuke movie. And it’s ok because the director signed as Kevin Mancuso is actually Joe D'Amato, who with his friend, director and co-author of the story, George Eastman, shows his skills and especially the lack of any restraint.
A chaos where everything happens. Violence of all kinds, splatter, cowboy wandering, iconoclasm and much more.
After these first exciting minutes you realize quickly that the bomb had flattened everything, including the script and realization.
So it leads to an embarrassing film, difficult to follow, with trash peaks and absurd moments. Indians. Cowboys. Saloon. Cars taken from a scrap yard. A really bad recitation, in a set that shows with no mercy all its artificiality.
The knockout arrives with the main character, the classic hero, played by Al Cliver, disappearing from the middle of the movie, leaving the question of an "exit strategy" by the actor or one of the many holes in the screenplay.
He disappeared and the viewer remains at the mercy of actors definitely unable to give life to good characters. Sabrina Siani, the beautiful of the this story, view in several other 80’s films, wanders bored to death, as if she wants to communicate that she wouldn’t be there. There are many others that do worse things starting with the bad, a Nazi-like lame, whose enemies are strange, Japanese and the weird Indians that coming from the hills.
A post-nuke Western was probably the main focus, badly missed even with a cast that on paper had good potential. Because in addition to Al Cliver, there are others good actors for the genre films, such as Daniel Stephen, Peter Hooten, Al Yamanouchi, Donald O'Brien and Geretta Geretta, in addition to the aforementioned Sabrina Siani.
After the amazing beginning we understand that the bad guys retire sadly defeated, leaving the population in a long peace period. We understand that because after the attack ended Nisus and Maida (Al Cliver and Sabrina Siani), build a family and contribute to the wellness of the new society.
However the peace ends, obviously, because the "bad" bikers at the service of Nazi lame want to steal the resources of the people and they do with broken vehicles and funny heat shields used by a sort of special agents.
The rescue comes thanks to the cowboys, who playing Russian roulette, who give freedom to the blonde, who run away with the Japanese and finally join the cause in the woods with the Indians.
Bad destroyed, shredded. A little 'as the cinema.

Technical Data Sheet
Title: Year 2020 The Gladiators Of The Future
Alternative titles: 2020 Texas Gladiators, Gladiadores de 2020 Texas, 2020 Los Rangers de Texas (Spain), Texas v. 2000 (Finland), 2020 Texas Gladiators (France), 2020 Freedom Fighters (UK), Oi monomahoi tou Texas (Greece), One Eye Force (Norway, International), 2020 - Os Gladiadores do Texas (Portugal)
Year: 1982
Country: Italy
Directed by: Joe D'Amato, George Eastman
Cast: Daniel Stephen, Peter Hooten, Al Yamanouchi, Donald O'Brien, Geretta Geretta, Sabrina Siani, Al Cliver
Duration: 91 '
Production Company: Continental Motion Pictures Corporation, Erka Film