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Invasion Of Alien Bikini

A boy saves a girl from an aggression he brings her home, but she is actually a very bad alien who wants his sperm.
It seems the perfect title for a "Weekly World News" or some other tabloids, but it's the beginning of a Korean film (translated in "Invasion of Alien Bikini") of 2011 directed by Young-doo Oh an interesting director.
Eastern cinema proves once again that is more interesting than the rest of the world and this movie that is one of many, little, examples, teaching as well that a huge budget and great special effects are not always necessary to make a good movie.
Young-doo Oh works with a budget of $ 15,000, places the story for it 90% in a small room, he talks about sex without nudity and works with 5/6 actors.
What may seem like fatal poor ideas, it's actually a funny story never boring and mostly filmed very well that has also an excellent package.
The narrative is in flashback, fast with moments of Asian madness (Rolex advertising that anticipates the plot and a medical explanation) tells the story of Young-geun, a nerd who calls himself a defender of citizenship and that probably would be a superhero.
The opportunity to be useful to the community comes one night, when he sees a group of boys who are assaulting a young woman named Monica. He saves her, he bring her home, trying to seduce her
And he succeeds.
But almost at the climax she goes wild, dominates the boy and subjects him to his will. Her sole purpose is to get the sperm to be able to reproduce, because Monica host an alien arrived on Earth after explosion of his planet.
The mission is not easy. The alien has the pleasant appearance of Monica that runs throughout the film in underwear. However, Young-Geun made a vow of chastity, which does not break even with all the technological and psychological weapons that Monica/alien trying to use.
Fast motion, slow motion frame, weird sadomasochistic images, grotesque figures of the two main characters and an ending that rises to poetry make this "Invasion of Alien Bikini" a pleasant discovery.
The actors are extremely talented, capable of changing both in running the psychology of their characters.

Technical Data Sheet
Title: Eillieon bikini
Alternate Titles: Invasion of Alien Bikini
Year: 2011
Country: South Korea
Director: Oh Young-doo
Cast: Eun-Jung Ha, Hong Young-geun
Duration: 75 '
Production Company: