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Laura's Toys

A movie full of beautiful naked girls, is a winning formula or at least should keep us glued to the screen. Instead, incredibly, we must say that "Laura's Toys" is a boring movie. Bored by the tits. Who would have thought? Bored by a film of Joseph W. Sarno. It seems an affront to a great director that even if appears for the first time on these pages has our highest esteem.

Joseph W.Sarno from New York was one of the pioneers, crazy and cheeky, who lead the cinema from the nudism, passing for the nudie-cutie to the sexploitation. Like as our beloved Russ Meyer that we mention because the two have started their career in the same way, with documentary about the war. Sarno then follows a more intellectual we. He searches the elegance of the images, and his stories are about the anxiety of the middle class, the sexual repression, while he explores the psychology of his characters trying to create complex and deep ones.
We're not here for a monograph about Sarno, so just for now we say that many of his films write the history of sexploitation and that in 1968 he runs in Sweden and in the studies used by the Bergman the film "Inga". From here Sarno began working often in the Scandinavian country, using Swedish actors and actresses for movies for the American market. Among them there is this film.
The beginning of the seventies are a good time to Sarno that directs some of his most famous movies as "Confessions of a Young American Housewife" of 1974 and "Abigail Lesley Is Back in Town" of 1975 and then comes this controversial "Laura's Toys" .
 Filmed on the island of Mjolko, not far from Stockholm this movie has a cast that as usual mix Sweden and the United States and relies on the beautiful Mary Mendum (Rebecca Brooke) and Eric Edwards, two actors, especially the first, who often worked with Sarno.
Less interesting and much slower than the previous films of the period "Laura's Toys" is about a simply kind of revenge. Laura (Mary Mendum) and her husband Walter (Eric Edwards), are two archaeologists who are working on a small island. With them is Anna's assistant Walter. The two become lovers and Laura, after discovered the betrayal, tries to resume an affair with Hanni her former lesbian lover.

The setting between the island and Stockholm is interesting and we see the great skill of Sarno behind the camera and his ability to emphasize the erotic moments. All things that help us to forget a very trivial plot and the fact that there are many naked sex scenes only to develop the story.

"Laura's Toys" is really a boring movie and the usual desire of the director to investigate deep into the characters adds slowness. The ending is very obvious and unfortunately very "happy".
No doubt about cast is great quality from extras to Anita Ericsson (Hanni) and the special beauty of Cathja Graff to the star: Mary Mendum. Also known by the pseudonym Rebecca Brooke was an actress active in the seventies, in the soft-core and porn. Simply beautiful, as we said, she has linked her name to several Sarno’s movies.

Technical Data Sheet
Title: Laura's Toys
Director: Joseph W.Sarno
Year: 1975
Country: USA
Cast: Mary Mendum, Anita Ericsson, Cathja Graff, Eric Edwards
Duration: 103 '