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Downtown-Die Nackten Puppen Der Unterwelt

Untouchables, beautiful, uninhibited and fatal. Cynthia and Lola. The protagonists of a strange movie, a film that mixes many genres, with a lot of eroticism, irony, noir and thriller.
Nice, no doubt about it, but it could be better, it could develop better an interesting plot. Instead "Downtown" lacks that final twist, the effort, to put it in sports jargon that could make it a more enjoyable film.
Franco prefers focus more on the intimate parts of the two protagonists, and involves them in many soft-core scenes, relegating the interesting history to a minor aspect.
We say once again, we don’t mind seeing Lina Romay and Martine Stedil naked again, but if there was more balance between eroticism and plot, "Downtown" could be one of the most interesting chapters of good Jess, because the story is funny and is a good satire of the strong powers.
Al Pereira played by an astonished Jess Franco is a private detective hired by Cynthia (Lina Romay) a stripper to photograph her husband with her lover. The mission works with some strange results. Pereira then understand that it is better to break off the relations with Cynthia but is persuaded by the same and by her girlfriend, Lola (Martina Stedil), in a way that we leave you to imagine, so he continue working for them and photograph, and then blackmail, another man.
It could be a nice work and a good business, but the victim dies, the police investigate Pereira, because obviously they can’t investigate the two uninhibited mantises.
Probably covered by the strong powers, expose in everything else, Lola and Cynthia, are the protagonists of many soft-core lesbian scenes, auto eroticism and moments in which they show all, in front of the curious zoom of an amused Franco. Hidden by the beauty of the blonde and the brunette, the plot has no major twists or visionary moments typical of the Spanish director. And we say again, that is a pity.
With Lina Romay, Martine Stedil and Jess Franco, there are the ever-present Paul Muller, in the role of commissioner, Erik Falk and Beni Cardoso seen in other films of the era and here definitely overshadowed by the two protagonists.

Technical Data Sheet
Title: Downtown-Die Nackten Puppen Der Unterwelt
Alternate Titles: Down Town (Switzerland), Les putains de la ville low (France), Downtown (USA), Schwarze Nylons, wilde Engel (Germany)
Year: 1975
Country: Switzerland
Director: Jesus Franco
Cast: Lina Romay, Jesus Franco, Martine Stedil, Paul Muller, Beni Cardoso, Eric Falk, Raymond Hardy, Monica Swinn
Duration: 86 '