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Plaga Zombie

"“Solo espero que no sea una epidemia”," says Bill, and although hopes springs eternal, things goes wrong.
Bill, Max and John are in the midst of a terrifying epidemic of zombies. To us that's fine, because this epidemic creates a true "cult" for fans of horror/splatter, a film that had two sequels, 2001 and 2011 and that has all the right things to please a certain audience. It's from Argentina that this wave of zombies comes for the first time in 1997.
"Plaga Zombie" shown soon what is: a film shot by friends, with friends, often at home, sometimes in the garden, and sometimes in the street, without disturb the neighbors. A hand-held camera that picks up video (and does it well), action, splatter, a lot of irony and Peter Jackson. Yes, he, the New Zealand director, although not physically present is present in the form of clear inspiration for the two directors Pablo Parés and Hernán Sáez, who often cite him and use as example his "Bad Taste" and "Braindead".
Behind all this there are two boys, Pablo Parés and Heran Saez, from Haedo of a suburb of Buenos Aires. The two have known each other since kindergarten and by years become friends with other guys, all movie fans, with which give life to the "Farsa Producciones", a production company that creates,  video clips, animated series, and so on. It must be said that seems that "Farsa Producciones" in this last year doesn't work so much. But it must be said also that this company and this "Plaga Zombie" develops slowly. The initial idea is to create a sci-fi with boys that turn into aliens. Zombies, passion of the two, break in the ideas and became the central thing of the plot of a work that develops from a show to a feature film (the first of the "Farsa Producciones").
The directors then have fun in the classic game of citations, one thing that we can see in the other two films of the series. Here, as we read at the time in the official website, we can see a character inspired by "Toy Story” other from "Star Wars", in addition to the aforementioned Peter Jackson.
"Plaga Zombie" is just that, a work of friends that have fun and that apparently tries to arise the Argentine's genre cinema .
A  very "low budget" movie for which those of "Farsa Producciones"  raise some money participating to the program "Forum", the popular format on legal cases, in which two of them Hernán Saez and Berta Muñiz, staged a mock debate linked  to the film, allowing them also to have a remarkable and free advertising.
The protagonists of the story are three very well-built characters. Max a nerd, John a former wrestler and Bill. A trio that has, as you can guess, the right comic balance and who is facing an army of zombies popped out, perhaps due to an Alien invasion (or virus?) . They are in the midst of chaos and they fight with all possible weapons slaughter (as Peter Jackson) the monsters.  Always covered with blood and always in the midst of an irony moment that relieves the context, they are often accompanied by music.
"Plaga Zombie" is a delightful episode that has a defect, because is to set in the United States, instead of show Argentinean zombies making us see the zombies Argentines. Argentina is known for its meat quality or not?

Technical Data Sheet
Title: Plaga Zombie
Alternative titles: Plaga Zombie - The Beginning (Germany)
Year: 1997
Country: Argentina
Director: Pablo Parés, Hernan Saez
Cast: Berta Muñiz, Pablo Parés, Hernán Sáez, Walter Cornas, Paulo Soria, Gabriel Grieco, Diego Parés, Martín Lepera, Esteban Podetti
Duration: 85 '
Production Company: Farsa Producciones