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Santo vs. las mujeres vampiro

The world is in danger. Friends are in danger. There's a girl to rescue. Ok guys El Santo is coming, but after, only after, the lucha libre.
The legendary El Enmascarado de Plata shows the proverbial calm and slowness of the Latins in what is his most famous movie.
A movie that comes out from the Latin American continent and the USA (where became Samson) to land in Europe with versions translated into different languages. Apart from English and Portuguese, we also find the French version “Superman contre les femmes vampires" and also the Italian "Argos alla riscossa" in addition to distribution in the United Kingdom, Belgium and Spain.

A good distribution surprising for a true B movie that every fan of the genre should see.
The story written by Antonio Orellana, Fernando and Rafael Garcia Osés Travesi mix up without worries  ancient Egypt and vampires, while the direction of Alfonso Corona Blake, the first of the series, shows us always without worries bats flying with visible wires and inept policemen that thinks only use the whistle.

Already with these premises "Santo vs. las mujeres vampire "won a  place among the most interesting movies of the saga, but it doesn’t stop there because we have to add a large number of scenes only created to enhance the figure of El Santo. Our favorite Mexican hero here is honored, revered, defined as a mysterious man that no one knows who he is, descendant of a dynasty of wrestlers. And so we see long moments of lucha libre that leave us to wonder if the director really wanted to pay homage to El Santo or lengthen the playing time. Or both things.
The knockout, however, comes from the presence of beautiful vampires women who with the machismo of lucha libre make an irresistible and successful combination. The "very bad" mujeres are lead by none other than Miss Mexico 1960, Lorena Velasquez, who in those years  become a cine B icon and an actress appreciated in productions more structured and Ofelia Montesco Peruvian actress who starred in "El àngel exterminador " by Bunuel.  All this framed is by classic horror elements and in part by the sci-fi one. The result is an amazing and beautiful movie with a bad production (that is one of the richest of the series) and bad acting, but everything works well and "Santo vs. las mujeres vampire" is one of the biggest commercial successes of the series.

A (usual) prophecy predicts that one day a descendant of a dynasty of vampires will give life to the queen of the race.
This girl's name is Diana Orlof (we don’t know if there is a link with “Gritos En la noche”  by Franco) daughter of an Egyptologist friend of El Santo with which he connects with a beautiful TV. Meanwhile, the vampire women who “sleep” quietly in their coffins in a cellar of a abandoned house awake and hoard human blood, a bit to live, and a bit' to enlarge their army in which comes also some men. Worried by this wave of murders and some bat flying, Orlof and police ask for help to the hero, who destroy (only after lucha libre) the villains

María Duval and Jaime Fernandez (who besides his actor career was a good union leader) are two big Mexican stars who work with a cast of actors rather famous in their country.

Technical Data Sheet
Title: El Santo vs. las mujeres vampire
Alternative titles: El santo Contra Las Vampiras, El santo vs. las mujeres vampiros, The Saint Against the Vampire Women (Alternative), Superman contre les femmes vampires (Belgium, France), Mulheres Vampire (Brazil), Las mujeres vampire (Spain), Santo Versus the Vampire Women (UK), Argos to the Rescue (Italy), Samson and the Vampire Women, Samson Vs. the Vampire Women (USA)
Year: 1962
Country: Mexico
Director: Alfonso Corona Blake
Cast: Santo, Lorena Velázquez, María Duval, Jaime Fernández, Augusto Augusto bless bless, Xavier Loya, Ofelia Montesco, Fernando Osés, Guillermo Hernández
Production Company: Filmadora Panamericana, Fonexsa, Tele-cine-radio SA