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SS Girls

To give the idea of this film is a bit 'like going in the worst discount and buy low-quality products. Bruno Mattei, copy "Salon Kitty", giving to us a low - budget version of the story.
From the players (we save only Magall Macha, only for the beauty), to the plot written in part by the director himself, here there is quite nothing that works. And that quite is represented by rare decent images that appear often, relieving the suffering of the vision.
For the rest "SS Girls" is the usual Nazisploitation that develops between sex, dinners, champagne, violent deaths and some torture, although the latter two things are overshadowed by industrial quantities of tits and asses.
A blitzkrieg start, as was to be the Second World War for Hitler, shows us a series of absurd scenes at the limit of the comic, which are part of a secret project of SS.
Given the aforementioned reference to "Salon Kitty", we are in a brothel the "Blumenstrauss" where some girls have to seduce and to confess some Nazi leaders suspected of conspiracy suspected of conspiracy.
This select group must undergo heavy training to improve their sex skills. And in the first minutes of the film we see this training with the girls dancing, fencing have sex with various characters including the always great Salvatore Baccaro, used as the usual beast and also with a German shepherd in a scene of zoophile scarcely credible.
Passed with laughter the first fifteen minutes, the film settles down on boredom and the implementation of the plan. Hierarchs that squeeze tits, women naked and then killing that are never displayed.
The Nazi head of the brothel are like the genre imposes sex phobic and jerk led by Hans Schellenberg (the voice actor Gabriele Carrara) with the help of Professor Jurgen (Luciano Pigozzi), Frau Inge (Marina Daunia) and Madame Eva (Macha Magall). Them but also others, provide an embarrassing performance, with Carrara who plays between the didactic and surprised, Luciano Pigozzi that does not show the slightest desire to act and with the two women, who do nothing but undress and touch their self (Macha Magall ...)
The end always comes as the genre imposes with the death of Hitler but Mattei adds fifteen minutes of useless history and of course absurd.
Bruno Mattei, a great B’s director, add to this movie some frames taken from other films and at the same time, he shot KZ9 - Lager di sterminio, in which starred some of the actors of this movie.

Technical Data Sheet
Title: SS Girls
Alternative titles: Perversions du IIIe Reich (Belgium), Garotas by SS (Brazil), Private House of the SS Girls (Germany), Casa Privada para SS (Spain), Hôtel du plaisir pour SS, Hôtel du plaisir pour SS, The maison privée des SS (France), Erotikes nyhtes tis Gestapo (Greece), Private house for Schutzstaffel (Italy), Private House of the SS, SS Girls (USA)
Year: 1977
Country: Italy
Director: Bruno Mattei
Cast: Gabriele Carrara, Macha Magall. Luciano Pigozzi, Marina Daunia, Vassilli Karis, Tamara Triffez, Salvatore Baccaro
Duration: 95 '
Production Company: Regional Distribution Associate