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Bikini Time Machine

The dear Fred Olen Ray knows how to do it. Surf music on the opening credits and then let's go straight to the point. Two women start to kiss each other, undress and then they are the star of long soft-core scene between silicone boobs, groans and satisfaction of both. That's the core of the movie.
There is nothing to complain, because we know, that "Bikini" genre by Fred Olen Ray, is simply this and the "time machine" of the title is just a useless object that creates links between a soft-core scene and another. Sorry to disappoint fans of "sci-fi" because the idea of an erotic voyage through the time is not bad, but here there is really nothing of science fiction and unfortunately than other films of the genre, is very boring and useless.
After the opening scene, set in the middle Ages where a time traveler has sex with a princess (a scene almost detached from everything else), the viewer wait for something to happen that involves the time machine. Nothing.
For much of the film we see the usual soft-core scenes and some dialogue that serves as a link. Almost all shot in interiors, with bad set that reproduce the eras of the trips (Middle Ages and sixties) "Bikini Time Machine" tells the story of Prof.Wells (poor Herbert George Wells will be turning in his grave) who invented the time machine and meets two girls with debts. Lara is the owner of a cafe on which hangs a big debt of a previous management. Sara is instead the waitress (maybe even sister) who becomes the guinea pig for Wells experiments, traveling in the sixties, where she has sex with a hippie, coming bag, travels again with Lara, has sex with her,  try to buy a winning lottery ticket.
The cast is composed as always by porn actresses and actors as Joslyn James, Kylee Nash (the two protagonists), TJ Cummings and former porn star Jenna Presley, who abandoned the world of hard in 2012 to embrace the religion.

Title: Bikini Time Machine
Alternative titles: Rewind time machine
Year: 2011
Country: USA
Cast: Joslyn James, Kylee Nash, TJCummings, Jenna Presley, Michael Gaglio, Ted Newsom, Trish Cook Time: 81 '
production: Retromedia Entertainment