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Flight World War II

The past is unchangeable, as the scientist Igor Dmitriyevich Novikov says in his self-consistence principle a conjecture that we can see in a way in this movie. Surely the goal of the company production "The Asylum" famous in these years for "mockbusters" and "B movies" was not to prove the principle but as usual to impress and attract the audience.
Theme of war, almost new for "The Asylum" in a film that is sometimes convincing and sometimes disappointing. Director Emile Edwin Smith  already behind the camera with "Mega Shark vs. Mecha Shark" here is with a work that mixes sci-fi with the disaster movie and that copy the idea of ​​"The Final Countdown" of 1980, with Kirk Douglas and Martin Sheen and directed by Don Taylor. It might even seem like a remake but Smith is not Taylor and he doesn't work with Douglas or with Sheen (progenitors or descendants). The result is a film with in one hand the interesting disaster/sci-fi and on the other hand a disappointing realization not always decent and with a plot that doesn't always convince.
The intercontinental flight 42 is flying over the north coast of the France and enters in a violent turbulence. After passing the turbulence the two pilots, realize that their onboard instruments, except for the radar and the radio, aren't working. Losing altitude they enter in the middle of huge air raid.
What is happening? Intercepted by an English radio operator, Nigel, they understand that are in 1940, in the midst of World War II. The military helps the two pilots to stay alive, while on the aircraft passengers are in panic. The German fighter try to hit the airplane (at what altitude and speed could fly 40's fighters?), and there are some damages in the cockpit, lacerations, someone dies but the plane does not collapse. As in the best disaster movie.
"Flight World War II" manages well the balance between the two genre of reference and play well with the mystery of time travel. Sometimes CGI are good, and sometimes show huge limits. Faran Tarir and Robbie Kay, respectively, aircraft commander and soldier, two actors who have participated in major films, "Iron Man" for the first "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" for the second create a very good but stereotyped characters.
The problem with this film is linked precisely with these two characters, the pillars of the whole story. The events don’t go beyond the relationship between earth and sky. Flight 42 trying to stay alive and the soldier and helps them. All there.
Often the scenes are dark and often claustrophobic, the film has boring moments, despite a lot of action and we ask ourselves is the passenger who wants to land to kill Hitler and change the history wasn't right.
An interesting idea, although not original, that would work best in a much less playing time and it would be a good episode of the always beloved "The Twilight Zone".
With historical errors and some banalities "Flight World War II" remains a good movie for "The Asylum" catalog and so a movie that can be appreciated by  people like us who are crazy time travel, bad movies and the incomprehensible thesis of quantum physics.

Technical Data Sheet
Title: Flight World War II
Alternative titles: Flight World War 2 - Zurück im Zweiten Weltkrieg, Flight World War 2 - Zurück im Zweiten Weltkrieg 3d (Germany)
Year: 2015
Country: USA
Director: Emile Edwin Smith
Cast: Faran Tahir, Robbie Kay, Aqueela Zoll, Matias Ponce, Howard Gordon, Alberto Barros Jr, Adam Blake, David Campfield, Angie Dick, Daniel Fieber, you Flaten
Duration: 85 '
Production Company: The Asylum