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Mark of the Whip

"When a problem comes along/You must whip it" we sing watching this film. And yes we know that Devo not written "Whip it" to praise the S & M, but thinking to this song is automatic. Besides, it should also be said that this film doesn’t honors the cinema and that after a while 'is automatic thinking to something else. "Crack That Whip!/Give the past to slip".

We like the extreme cinema that breaks taboos, but it has to make sense, a structure that justifies a story that goes beyond the allowed limit. "Step on a crack/break your momma's back."

We have already met Roman Nowicki for the bad erotic sci-fi “Abducted by the Daleks", we had enough but we were advised watching this other work that has something in common with the aforementioned sci-fi. The year of release (2005), the digital shot and the studios where it was shooting. And then an incomprehensible choice, at least for us, to put a rubber mask to all male characters (maybe it’s a symbolism but is really too much for a movie like this) and understandable, just for aesthetics, choice to use beautiful eastern Europe actresses that speak a bad English, making difficult to understand the already banal lines. "When something's goin 'wrong/You must whip it"
Then, they are mistreat, strip, wire, palpate get whipped into a voyeuristic cinema exhibition that seeks to justify everything in a vague plot on a group of psychopaths who loves the whip and sadomasochism. "Now whip it/Into Shape/Shape it up/Get straight/Go forward"

It seems then that Nowicki has problems with the cars, that breaks only at night near gloomy forests, and are drive by beautiful girls in miniskirts without or with little under wears, that instead of stay on the road or continue walking prefer enter in the darkness forest.. We saw it in "Abducted by the Daleks" and the same start is here, with a girl who is then captured by a group of freaks who should be older (we believe) but are actors who wear a rubber mask. They take her, undress, touch and whip. She ends up in the hospital cared by lesbian nurses that bind to the bed naked and with legs open. There comes a policewoman who hears the story, touches a bit 'and begins to investigate. She tries to capture the sadistic psychopath but she ends up naked, bound and whipped, finding a certain pleasure in the thing. And we also have the morbid policewoman...

The peak of dementia is reached with another girl caught doing graffiti by a man (masked) who begins to whipping her managing to undress completely. "When a good time turns around / You must whip it"
Perhaps for fear of being taken seriously Nowicki also realizes a making of the film, showing actresses on set. Good for them. After this vision we are neither happy nor carefree because this film tells nothing, but merely show naked bodies, open vaginas and even a violent scene completely free. There is doubt whether it can at least please the lovers of whips we whip each other to atone for the time lost in watching of this bad movie. "It's not too late/To whip it/Whip it good"