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13 Frightened Girls!

Without ghosts or evil plans we enjoy less. And less more if we are facing with teen story that seems a Disney movie. But we have to say and we underline it, that William Castle shows also in this case that he is a great director.
 "13 Frightened Girls!" So named for obvious commercial reasons (see 13 "Ghosts") it’s a color movie parody of spy films, thriller and teen comedy. Also known as "Candy Web" it was released in several versions, all visible in the beautiful DVD "The William Castle Film Collection", depending on the market.
There are different introductions and there is the final Castle’s message for cinema release in which present and remind the gimmick:  lickable lottery cards.
The gimmick is less exciting than the previous, but the American director balance the less charm (it’s a subjective point of view) with a well-structured, well directed and well played movie. The quality of production makes us forget a plot easy and predictable, with the bad guys that are always the same and the classic happy ending and some very impossible moments. The skill of the cast divided between experienced actors and performers at first (for many the last) appearances make pleasant the viewing.
The thirteen girls terrorized of title (maybe just a couple get scared) end up on the set after winning a contest related to the film and are lead by the talented by the semi newcomer Kathy Dunn, a true cinema meteor. She is Candy Hull daughter of an American diplomat enrolled in an exclusive college for diplomats’ daughters. The girls back home for the holidays (we are near an imaginary London) and Candy discovers that the man she is in love, the secret agent Wally, risk of being fired. Wally that could be the father of the sixteen Candy is severely bothered by the girl, in a scene that perhaps today would raise some discussion between the self-righteous.
The girl is "accidentally" in the midst of a strange murder in the embassy of China and does everything to investigate the matter and help Wally using the pseudonym of "Kitten". But of course it is not easy.
The irony that pervades the film does not make us crazy, but the scenes where Candy/Kitten tries to be an important international spy, brilliantly defined by the "New York Times" as a young Mata Hari, are not at bad at all.
Murray Hamilton famous for the role of Mr. Robinson in "The Graduate" and the Mayor of "Jaws", eclectic and talented actor we've seen in films of various genres is that the agent Wally who duet (of course) very well with the protagonist. He is not the only well-known name of "13 Frightened Girls!", because there are also the newcomer Judy Pace, then star of "Peyton Place" and "The Young Lawyers" and Hugh Marlowe, Khigh Dhiegh and Norma Warden experienced actors  more in support role that here that help to develop the mystery set up by great William Castle.