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Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!

Many clouds throughout the East Coast, with heavy rain. Of sharks. We are in Sharknado what do you expect? "Sharknado 3: Oh hell no!” It’s not clear if the “oh hell no” refers to the story or the film's release, is the third episode of the well known series. After hit Los Angeles, damaged New York, the writer Thunder Levin and director Anthony C.Ferrante had necessarily exaggerate even more throwing their sharks on the area stretching from Washington to Orlando a distance of 1.364 kilometers. And not only that, because then there is also the Space.
And we appreciate the effort, because they could simply hit another city, please the many celebrities who want to appear in the saga, destroying a bit 'of things and close all with the classic happy ending. But no, or at least, not entirely.
The cameos of famous actors and personalities well known in the United States are almost infinite (there are also the NASCAR drivers, Lou Ferrigno and Bo Derek), but compared with the second film, in them quite wink to the camera to show to be in "Sharknado", here are better inside in the history.
Surprisingly the ending leaves the door open to two solutions which can be chosen by the audience. The question is: "Do you want April die?" To vote use the hashtag #aprilDies #aprilLives, we will vote first. Everything that happens before this open-ending, that announced also the fourth chapter, it is the usual meatloaf of trash exaggerated sometimes self-ironic we're used to. Ian Zering now risen to the role of world sharks and tornadoes expert (and also for us brings bad luck) is always the hero, Fin Shepard, married with heroin April (Tara Reid ). Here appears also the father of Fin, played by none other than David Hasselhoff. Maybe it’s a horrible film, but the production company “The Asylum” plays a good social role rescuing stars in decline. Well done.
So Finn goes to Washington to receive an award from the President of the United States. The "Golden Chainsaw" is the horrendous prize that they give to him with top honors. After the ceremony, the sharks attack the capital, destroying some symbols (among them the White House). He and the president fighting side by side. After the emergency Finn left for Florida, where his family is waiting for him. A trail almost continues of sharks follows him to Orlando, the city where happens the incredible final battle. Because there is only one thing to do against this emergency: use an old missile Reagan’s program. So let’s go into space.

This movie is a good episode for the series and for the "The Asylum", is better than the predecessor but worst than the first and unreachable "Sharknado". Sure that production could do more in special effects, because as always the CGI aren’t always good, especially in the sharks. Among symbols destroyed, people ate on fly, sharks in space we see the performances of a number of actors that although unconvinced have learned the role of patriotic heroes and show off an endless series of silly jokes.

"Sharknado" according to the director is a blockbuster television, loved by young and old. So the invasions continue until the subject works, and for our (in fact, this kind of film give to us work) and your joy is already planned the number four. Ferrante would like an international story and especially Bill Murray as a guest star!
We will see, in the meantime the cheerful circus of flying sharks leaves room to close cousins of "Lavalantula" whose actors appear in this film. It sounds good: tarantulas shooting lava on Los Angeles.