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First of all "Decay" proves a thing that for us was impossible. Even physicists can have a soul, creative ideas and a decent cinematographic taste.
Already this should allow this movie to become a cult movie, because we think physicists are nerds only capable to telling jokes on the Higgs boson and other things that we cannot understand.
But no, there is a physicist student that decided to make a film on the Higgs boson, indeed, a movie quite with the "God particle", shooting at CERN, unbeknown to the chiefs of the largest laboratory of the world. When managers have discovered the whole, they did not take it well, because the film focuses on an anomaly of the famous LHC and the general manager looks like a man without scruples. And it is unnecessary at this point to emphasize that CERN did not put a penny, much less authorized the film, but agreed nonetheless the release.
The student Luke Thompson from Manchester in February of 2010 think that the CERN and its corridors can be a great and funny place to shoot a zombie movie, perhaps on a malfunction of the famous accelerator. He recruits some friends and colleagues, and a budget of 2,000 pounds. He borrows a professional camera, shot in the CERN (except in the famous laboratory to which he didn't have access) working on "Adobe Premiere Pro" and in December 2012 release on the net, on the most important social media, his work that can be downloaded for free from the official site and is under "Creative Commons" license. Deserves still more to be a "cult" isn't?
Shot entirely with a shoulder camera, the result is a film that is definitely inspired to "B Movies", with a simple plot and a simple direction. "Decay" passes the test, thanks to the curiosity of realization, and a good appearance. Dark colors and the dynamic effect of the camera make good horror atmosphere and sense of action. Even photography and editing are not bad, (no one is a prof), while the zombies could be better. Thompson then apologized almost for acting, but in our opinion several "professionals" play much, much worse.
At the end "Decay" is a small interesting Movie”, that uses well the few things available with a surprise ending, and it's good especially for movies fans.
The story is about five students at CERN that are in a control room on when a malfunction occurs to the famous LHC. They try to escape, but they are trapped in the many corridors of the structure. Soon they realize that something serious has happened and that CERN is full of zombies. Their flight to safety is certainly not easy.
Generally well received by critics and the public, the "Decay" joked more than scare the many physical experiments. Those CERN reacted by saying that no sensitive area has been taken and that science apparently stimulates the imagination. They don't tell us if Thompson and friends have finished their studies without problems or they are running in the tunnel.