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Bathman dal pianeta Eros

Bathman with '"h", because copyrights are a serious matter, but to a certain point, descend down a hill with a "Saltafoss" then climb the other side. But he can’t. He must get off and push. It’s just the beginning of an ultra-trashy porn movie that made history, because it is the first Italian porn comedy. Antonio D'Agostino famous porn director of eighties directs in 1982 this insane comic parody of Batman, which does not rise from amateur porn, as the realization and for actors.

The Italian Mark Shanon that we have saw in a few Joe D'Amato’s movies and Guia Laura Filzi famous at the time, are the protagonists of this insane movie.

Bathman, perhaps needless to say, is an Italian “macchietta” that in addition to wearing the suit gray as every Batman of that era, speaks roman dialect and is very stupid.

He is not rich as the one without “h”, lives in a normal apartment in the capital and is an alien of the planet Eros, where was known as Eroticon and where was the most famous stallion champion of "erosgare". He and his partner Klito Bell (Bath Baby), also famous for her physical charms, one day leave the planet and come to earth. In New York they become two superheroes really poor. They save girls who are having sex, but don’t want to be saved and they help the Commissioner. The bad guy is kind of Joker (Poker) that turns the police chief in a transvestite. On the planet Eros instead live with great concern and nostalgia the departure of the couple, so the chief sends a robot on earth to bring home the two.

Endless trash with poor directing and acting but "Bathman dal pianeta Eros" has an incredibly moral. The basic concept, which comes out in the last scene, is to live in peace and have sex (in the case an orgy) with good and bad. The meaning of life, explained in low-grade porn. Even this is history. We miss this kind of cinema.