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Death Dimension

Probably is true what reports a tagline: “The One Movie James Bond Himself Would Go See!" And he would go to see the sad end that made two of his well-known performers. Harold Sakata, credited as Harold "Odd Job" Sakata, to emphasize once again his role in "Goldfinger" and George Lazenby beloved/hated star of "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" to which are added two star a bit 'forget, Terry Moore famous in the forties and fifties and the sexy icon Aldo Ray.
The good James Bond find also interesting a story that starts from spy movies, puts martial arts and ties all with a healthy and unstoppable blaxploitation.
A turtle used as an instrument of torture, more funnily than the objects of "The Spanish Inquisition" by Monty Python is for us the symbol of this 1978 movie. Created by the skilful mind of Al Adamson who works again with Jim Kelly on screenplay by Harry Hope "Death Dimension" is an unmissable trash meatloaf lost between hilarious moments, not so threatening bad boys, many fight scenes, some tits and an infallible hero.
A film made of an almost continuous action scenes (if have Jim Kelly in the cast, you have to use him as his best!) which put the already banal plot in few moments of connection.
The amazing and wonderful object in the center of all history is the "Freeze Bomb", a powerful weapon invented by Dr.Mason to help people but that can kill freezing victims. Actually it make it snow
After Mason promised the weapon to the villain "The Pig" (Harold Sakata), he repents and hides the secrets of the bomb in the temples of his assistant and then commits suicide. The Pig clearly wants to rescue the precious microfilm kidnapping the woman, but has to deal with the infallible detective Ash (Jim Kelly) whose chief Gallagher (George Lazenby) is in cahoots with the bad.
A good soundtrack accompanies the adventures of Jim Kelly always in great shape who have to fight also with the right arm of "The Pig" starring Bob Minor famous stunt man and actor.
And even if you aren’t James Bond, we suggest you should see this movie.