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Aroused adventures of a bourgeois couple in obvious crisis for the sake of drama and erotic movies.
Cecilia (Muriel Montossè) likes to provoke her driver until he doesn’t consign her to a gang who rape her. For some mental disease she feels pleasure, she confesses everything to her husband, and begins the hot and morbid adventures of the couple.
Easy idea, already seen and of course we will see again is one of those gold mines that must not fail.
Instead Olivier Mathot saw as an actor in genre movie by Jess Franco and the same Franco (uncredited, but we can see his hand), manage to spoil this idea

In this 1983 movie shot in Paris and Portugal, missing a mixture, a story that takes everything together, because here there are only a series of soft-core sketches linked only by the presence of the protagonists.

"Cecilia" remains to be seen only for the presence of the great Franco that sometimes creates great erotic moments and suggestive views. The beauty of the actresses who often are naked is huge and Muriel Montossè already appreciated in other film uses well her beauty... However, she is overshadowed by a cameo by Lina Romay protagonist of a perfect hot scene set during a "party" with a musician and a kind of poet, a Zen-like moment.
For the rest it is only a naked body show with many soft core scenes.
Antonio Mayans actor seen in some other genre films plays a bit 'passively Andrè husband of Cecilia. The cast is completed by Antonio De Cabo, Ana Paula and as mentioned Lina Romay who leave to Cecilia only the title