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Once was intuition or a good luck. The old psychopaths find their victims on the street or them at their home. It was a work of patience. Precision and patience.
Today, however, everything is easier. Serial killers can choose their targets on the internet, calmly, in a much larger basin. A big saving of time and money that could also create an analysis about the change of the society.

However, we just say that Jon Knautz and Trevor Matthews two young Canadian directors and screenwriter Nick Gordon, have a good basic idea for this film of 2014 which has a rich production.
A good idea at service of the modern slasher, that creates to us great expectations. It must be add to this movie the stimulating setting: a house full of girls who lives under webcams 24 hours on 24 for the porn site "GirlHouse". Stop! We will disappoint telling you that this site doesn’t exist! And that this movie is a half disappointment. Unfortunately.
Because apart from the basic idea, the many beautiful girls running scantily clad, "GirlsHouse" disassemble quickly and without remedy our many expectations.
The structure follows the guidelines of the genre, with a flashback to show the initial shock that generates the future psychopath. The game of who can be the culprit takes very little and the possible suspects are useless and then disappear suddenly at the half of the movie. Finally the existence of a "romantic" subplot stretches over the wait for the massacre, and so to see the first sketches of blood we have to wait almost an hour.
Must be said that the slaughtered all concentrated in the final part although not very original (a victim dies with a bag on his head) hits the mark, between horrible mutilation and smashing heads. But it’s not enough to save this work that is boring and very predictable.
A decent direction and the efforts of a young cast take us in the history of Kylie (Ali Cobrin).
She is the classic girl next door from the unfortunate life. Cause the death of her father and to pay for her studies and help her mother she looks for an extra work.
Because she is beautiful she end up in the mansion of "GirlHouse" a famous website, serious, clean and that pays very well. There between strip and showers she is appreciate from the world of the web and especially by a fanatic of the site which becomes obsessed with her. This guy apparently harmless is also a talented hacker who violates the strict security systems of the site and of the house and discovers that girls mock him and then tried to revenge by going in the house.
As a man obviously out of shape can break down thugs and run fast is one of the questions that come to mind watching this movie, which has (as all film and TV), talented hackers that can destroy in two second a security system.
Unfortunately nothing new.