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Emanuelle and the last cannibals

Compendium of Massaccesi thought: horror, eroticism, art of getting by, in this case under the Emanuelle’s brand. One of the strongest points of the series and also one of the most interesting, where our journalist is struggling with a tribe of cannibals really angry, in the company of very naughty people. Gabriele Tinti, the lovely Monica Zanchi and of course Laura Gemser (we’ll see them again in Sister Emanuelle) with the help of the Nieves Navarro and Donald O'Brien, are the protagonists of the story.

Strengths at the beginning and at the end. A nurse that bothers a patient finds herself without a tit that finish in the mouth of the young inpatient. Emanuelle takes pictures, filming, touches and creates a big scoop. She became passionate about cannibals, she asks to the Director of the newspaper to deal with the issue, she knows Mark Lester (Tinti), a great expert in the field, they have sex and leave for the Amazon. The final instead sees our Emanuelle that to foil a group raping by cannibals comes out from the sea totally naked passing for a Goddess.
In the middle of the movie unfortunately there is a little. A segment of the film that diminishes the result, lost in forest, in absurd instincts and in cannibals raids. Slow and certainly much less convincing than the beginning and the end.
Flaws aside, D'Amato is the usual excellent craftsman able to move well behind the camera and is lucky to have the music of the great Nico Fidenco ("Make love on the wing"). The aforementioned inserts cannibal/ horror apart special effects not so rich, hit the imagination, while eroticism a part the classic canons of the saga, relies on morbidity with the director who always hides nothing.

Jennifer O'Sullivan is the so-called journalist who inspired the film. Her, always so-called, reportage is the basis of this movie that continues after the already described opening in the Amazonian forest (actually we are in Lazio). Emanuelle with Mark Lester meets in place the members of a mission and a family moved there. Sister Angela (Annamaria Clementi) and Isabelle (Monica Zanchi) venture into the forest. Meet the hunters and Maggie Donald McKenzie a bizarre couple, with her who prefers the company of native guide and he who fondle greedily Isabelle.
The violent attacks of cannibals, obviously angry, and they brutal sacrifices severely affect the group that arrives at the good ending with a few units. From the point of view of beauty, there is no doubt that D'Amato plays it safe. Monica Zanchi is one of our favorite supporting actresses and there is nothing to add about Nieves Navarro and Laura Gemser. O'Brien and Tinti put out the fires of women and do not go over to carry out the task.