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Buona come il pane

A cunning title and the explosive body of the protagonist Carmen Russo is all that "Buona come il pane" offers to the viewers.
In the declining phase of the Italian erotic comedy director Sesani decides to count everything on the beautiful protagonist. Carmen Russo, twenty-three years, from a few years stars in genre films, is exploited in all her genuine beauty. When she isn't naked (there are some very interesting moments) stars in comic/sexy interludes alongside a poor love story. Just her to find the reason to watching this film and make us forget that the interesting idea is exploited very badly.
The Genoese actress and soubrette is Lisette is a high-class prostitute, affectionately tied to her bizarre customers. A customer dresses as a controller of the train chasing women without a ticket, one is a motorcyclist, and another is a general and another actor who likes to do it on stage. Weird and embarrassed as much as Savierio Marconi, Filippo Maria a nerd astronomer met in a bar that falls in love with Lisette. The meeting gives rise to the eternal hunting of the beloved and since we are in the Italian erotic comedy, a series of misunderstandings. He follows her, she runs away. She falls in love with him but she does everything to avoid him discover her job. Between gags definitely predicted and caricature characters there is the good Saverio Marconi who plays in a didactic way the role of Filippo Maria. Remain the ballets and the tits of the protagonist, we repeat once again, it's really good as the bread.