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Private Lessons

That period of life of great discoveries and new amazing desires. That period of cinema where many are inspired Salvatore Samperi’s movies. The older woman who drive crazy a boy.
Vittorio De Sisti in 1975 wants to says his opionion about the theme. "Private Lessons" is the result. A film that stands out most for an extraordinary cast than the plot, because the story is always the same and because everything is developes in a superficial way without delving more deeply the characters, or the plot.

Alessandro Corsini is a brillant student of the bishop’s conservatory. His girlfriend is exasperated by his lack of initiative in intimacy. At the conservatory comes one day Laura Formenti a new piano teacher, although she is not very young she light thefantasies of Alessandro and "accidentally" is hired by the family of the young to give him private lessons. It’s the revolution.
The woman is blackmailed by one of her students that force her to go around without many clothes. Meanwhile Alessandro thanks to the suggestions of his sex maniac uncle and thanks to the maid Rosina trie the joys of sex. He became resourceful with his girlfriend, he falls in love with the teacher free her from blackmail and has a relationship with her. He rise up to a family too much possessive. In short, he becomes a man.

Surely there are few who would be able to go to bed, in a short period, with Leonora Fani, Femi Benussi and Caroll Baker. One thing that put a shadow of nonsense to the history that certainly does not benefit the final result. Yes, well, there's definitely a bit 'of envy from us, and certainly we would be in place of Alessandro Corsini, the character played by singer Rosalino Cellamare, better known as Ron. With a musical career already well develop Ron, decidedes in the mid seventies to take a break and trie the cinema career. He made his debut with this film and then he worked in films like "L’Agnese va a morire” by Giuliano Montaldo or "In nome del Papa re" by Magni and in some TV series, before returning to music. Not great as actor, Ron however managed to create a character that works and that is at the same level of the much famous performers who has around him.
Leonora Fani who plays the girlfriend of Alessadro and Femi Benussi, the maid Rosina, play the roles of the two beautiful of the film. Both, as we all know, sex symbol of those years and performers of different sex comedies, do their duty, which is to bring eroticism in history.
The comic side and the quality are entrusted to Carlo Giuffre, and Renzo Montagnani, respectively father and uncle of Alessandro. Finally Carroll Baker Hollywood diva moved in those years in Europe, with its forty-four years succeeds in the role of Laura Formenti to create a character very fascinating that outshines the two young and beautiful actresses.

It’s enough to list the interpreters to understand that De Sisti had more chances to make a good film, but he fails in his intent. However he didn’t go beyond the already seen and the superficial and to appreciate "Private Lessons" we must dwell only on the performance of the actors.