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The impression is that it’s a kind of revenge for the colonization. A spoof against the British and their imperialist’s games. In India, however, play cricket, an English sport beloved there and so it’s clear: there must have been some problems in the explanation of the rules of rugby. Because this 2004film, contains one of the worst and silly representations of Rugby union. And that is why, (but also for something else), and despite a big box office success that "Sye" deserves a space on this site. Let's proceed calmly.

We are in Tollywood, the cinema in Telugu language of the Indian states of Andhra Pradesh and Telengana. We have a director named S.S. Rajamuoli that everything he touches turns to gold, who is also appreciated abroad. And we find ourselves with a two-hour and forty-seven minutes movie that contains several stories.

The first part of the film focuses on the duality like "West Side Story" between two rival gangs that are in the MK College. A strange college that has two sections: art and science. The first call themselves "Claws" and the second "Wings". Important names for the story. The two groups fight against each other without limits, to the point that a girl who ends up on the wrong coach finds herself a tattoo (done in movement) with the logo of the rival group. The only thing that unites the two groups is the passion for Rugby. Bhikshus Yadav is a criminal in full escalation. Stereotyped character, glowering, deep voice, powerful physique and also a ring cattle nose. Without a rugby ground the "Claws" and "Wings", authorized by the rector, deforest an area and create very fast a ground of high level. The land, however, is expropriated by Bhikshu Yadav who excluding the, The retaliation of the latter was immediate, as well as the violent response of the criminal.

Second part. To end the war they play a match of rugby. The "Claws" and "Wings" together become "Eagles" (with a fantastic animation) against the men of Yadav, the "Bulls". And here we reach the apotheosis. Sold out. Live on TV and cheerleader. Indians for some reason have problems with the New Zealanders, because the team of criminals is dressed in black and before they do the Haka. The rules of Rugby are completely distorted. The tries (call touchdown) are worth two points, one for the kick and the referee blows at the end of forty minutes with action going. We challenge historians and fans: There has never been a period with rules of this kind? For us, no. The rest is a true carnage. Fractures caused deliberately, tackles to the men without the ball, referee intimidation and a final brawl. Then an ending with quite splatter moments r.

Ballets and rugby union is certainly an interesting idea, original, to which is added a nuanced love story and the side of the usual story of commitment, honor and effort with the defeat of evil. It seems a plot from old Bollywood movies and it is pleasant. But the absurdity of the Rugby lost between wrestling and street fighting, breaks down the final result, as much as the cover of "Mr. Bombastic".

S.S. Rajamuoli is a good director we can see and work with the usual stars of Indian cinema (Bollywood and Tollywood) and offers us an appetizer for the upcoming Rugby World Cup. Or something like that.