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The Revenge of the Living Dead Girls

Something is rotten in France and they would like also that we didn’t tell the epilogue. The culprits are Pierre B.Reinhard and Jean Claude Roy, two directors of French porn cinema, who in 1987 realized this incredible movie.
Perhaps, we suppose, after they see this disaster, tried to confuse the audience, not to figure out exactly who was the director. A bit 'of sources cite the first, and others the second and others too, put them both together behind the camera and we agree, because it’s sure that there were both.
The mysteries doesn’t end here, they continue with the fact that according to them, this film is based on a story by Edgar Wallace, who, if he heard that, he come out like a zombie from the grave to avenge this affront.
The avenge is also at the centre of this story, under a ton of genres that the directors put totally random into this story. Zombies. Crime. Horror. Hard. Gore. And an ending with a twist similar to "Scooby Doo" that they wouldn’t like also that we didn’t tell, as written in the credits, not to spoil the surprise.
In this case the spoiler be a favor, because you didn’t have to see this film and waste 75 ' minutes of your life, seeing a movie that for us has entered in the top ten of the worst of all time.
A story that given the characteristics that the two French directors try to put, becomes unbearable in a short time, hard to follow after some minutes and stunning, in the negative sense, in the ending.
So as not to miss anything, they put also a series of nudes and silly soft-core sex scene, with several women (not bad must be said), ready to undress and have sex. But they didn’t stop there, no, in the last minute explodes a delirium with two scenes one porn-gore and the other only gore. The first is lesbian orgy with zombies and a live girl, which is pierced by an iron down there (...), the other, is an abortion in the shower, which scandalized just because is really made bad.
"La Revanche Des Mortes Vivantes" is really a great "B movie" perhaps too much great. A film that has as its core a strange turn of shady deals.
It happens that a milk company is boycotted and its milk contaminated with harmful substances. So dies three girls (men obviously don’t drink milk), which always due to toxic substances, rise from the graves, and go around looking for revenge. The person, who has studied the plan, also tries to blackmail some leaders of the company, sending uninhibited women to them and film them during sex.
Bad in everything, disastrous direction, unwatchable in acting, but allows to Reinhard and Roy, enter in the history of cinema, with a zombie movie which we will not reveal the ending, as required, and with a cast including actresses from short curriculum. Luckily.