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La compagna di viaggio

If for once on a train things go wrong, it’s not the fault of the Italian railways company but a director whose idea derails with no possibility of salvation.
Only a year after his already tremendous film set on the wagons, Ferdinando Baldi uses the same setting for an Italian erotic comedy. It's not funny. It has beautiful actresses. And as often happens in Italy, it tries of getting by as it can.
In the same way of "La ragazza del vagone letto" Baldi puts a series of characters who are supposed to represent and be the satire of the society of the time. They should be, we have said, because the performances of the actors are really dull and the same characters are little more than banal caricatures. Not that the plot is better, in fact, roll over a trivial issue vaguely criminal and ends in a paradoxical manner.
Emblem of this disaster is none other than Gastone Moschin, the great Gastone, who ends for some reason, in what is perhaps the worst movie he played.
Apart he the cast is made by number of experts’ character actors as Pino Ferrara, Raf Luca and Giorgio Bracardi. Raf Luca is the main comic relief but he doesn’t go over his past performance, he tries to be funny, but he does little laugh. Bracardi instead proposes his neurotic style that might be funny if we didn’t see it so many times.
Surprising most everything else is the battery of women. Claimed past/future protagonists of the naughtiest male erotic dreams. A group which could cause a fast blindness notable for the cameo by Anna Moana Pozzi, which later became worldwide famous as Moana, that does not deny us the vision of her (beautiful) body and the presence of a little-known Serena Grandi that after an initial hesitation she shows her beautiful body. And the list doesn’t end here, because it continues with the already famous Annie Belle, always dressed however, Anna Maria Rizzoli to emphasize her role as the late queen of Italian erotic comedy, Marina Hedman (as Frajese) about to turn to porn movies and Marisa Mell now in full wane.

The Baron and Lilly (Moschin/Rizzoli), an aspiring actress, planning to carry out a robbery of the car of the values ​​of the train Rome-Paris on which they are traveling. A wide range of characters and situations cross with their history. Teodoro and his wife in honeymoon (Peota/Grandi), a politician and his secretary (Bracardi/Annie Belle), a psychiatrist and a patient (Ferrara/Hedman) to whom must be added a woman with the veil (Mell) and the controller starring Raf Luca.
Claustrophobic, dark, in addition to everything mentioned above and with a direction that does not show anything special, "La compagna di viaggio" ends with a scene that could open to a sequel. Fortunately for us, however, the travel begins and ends with this episode.

Data sheet
Original Title: The traveling companion
Alternative titles: Una noche en el coche cama (Spain) Das Urlaubsflittchen (Germany)
Year: 1980
Director: Ferdinando Baldi
Country: Italy
Cast: Gaston Moschin, Anna Maria Rizzoli, Serena Grandi, Raf Luca, Annie Belle, George Bracardi, Marina Hedman, Marisa Mell, Moana Pozzi
Duration: 94 '
Studio: Rebirth Film