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Come Play with Me

Crossing of bizarre characters with bizarre ideas, leading to incredible result. Two are the main characters in this story. The first is George Harrison Marks and writes at the beginning of the seventies the script for this film, which ends in oblivion. Britain's Marks is really a special man. Glamour photographer, one of the first to use the title and director of films in 8 mm. His films and sexy photos often with Pamela Green as the protagonist make him known and appreciated but also create several problems with censorship and even with the law.

The seventies do not start well for Marks, many problems with the law, alcoholism, bankruptcy and then the approach to the world of porn and collaboration with David Sullivan to which he sells his photos and the of his films in 8 mm. Between jobs and other commissioned by Sullivan re-emerge the story of "Come Play with Me." Sullivan like it. And soon begins the shots.

Dave Sullivan is another bizarre character of this story. Welsh, graduate in economics, has the intuition to jump into the growing market of adult entertainment. Magazines, sex shops and then films. Sullivan in the seventies has twenty-five years is a millionaire and has control of most of the UK market.  Later he enters in other business and in the world of football and still holds the majority of West Ham.

At the time, he understands that the "Come Play with Me" can be a good investment and a good launch for his girlfriend Mary Millington, model and porn actress, who then in 1979 only thirty-three years, put an end to her life. It can also be a good marketing for his magazines that appear in the film and that "exchange" the advertising showing pictures of the set (sometimes overly hard) to launch the film.

From these two it comes what for many is the best English erotic comedy of all time. A famous work also for a cast of known actors at home that had never worked in this kind of film. Irene Handl, Alfie Bass, Ronald Fraser. And then from “The Benny Hill Show" Henry McGee and Bob Todd. Suzy Mandel (other Hill’s sketches) and Bergman's daughter, Anna, are two actresses known for erotic comedies, accompanied by some female stars of the English hard world

it is true that Sullivan produces and advertises, but the work is of George Harrison Marks. The photographer care very well the aesthetic of the work, he adds musical numbers (one of his passions), and of course he manages very well the feminine beauty. The nudes, often total, sometimes arrive near the border with the hard (as the lesbian scene with Mary Millington and Penny Chrisholm). Apparently they were also shot porn scenes, cut just before the film's release.

The Benny Hill comic style is the centre of this work flowing on an easy and a bit 'absurd plot designed to undress as many girls. A big hit at the box office for a film still appreciated today, including gags and misunderstandings, especially for lovers of the English comedy.

Cornelius Clapworthy (Harrison Marks) and Maurice Kelly (Alfie Bass) are two well-known forgers that running away from a gangster arrive at the Bovington Manor a resort in the Scottish Highlands, run by Lady Bovington (Irene Handl). The place is pretty much forgotten by the world and allows the two to continue their activities of counterfeiters. One day the grandson of Lady Bovington arrives in the structure with many girls, who follow the leader Rena (Suzy Mandel) and to help Lady Bovington dress up as nurses and transform the place into a kind of beauty farm with massages topless and full-service (...). The success is huge, but it creates to Clapworthy Kelly and many problems.
Shot at the Weston Manor Hotel, "Come Play with Me" has created a series of films inspired, self-styled sequels and spin-offs.