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Fairy in a cage

A ruthless story  created with a few things and with the classic Japanese want to go further. Result: one of the most popular pinku eiga of the history.
Koyu Ohara is already a director more than appreciated when in 1977 he directed "Ori no naka no Yosei" a pinku eiga S&M, inspired by a story of Oniroku Dan. Ohara, in fact, is one of the most important directors of Nikkatsu a production company in which he works since 1961 and in which he has a long apprenticeship.  He don't leave the studio even the company decided to devote themselves mainly to the "Roman Porno", indeed, here his career took off. Success after success embracing different genres, from pinku eiga film to comedy, having as common denominator the aesthetics and style.
In "Fairy in a cage" (literal translation of the title) he works with a famous cast for the genre.  Naomi Tani star of "Roman Porno" and Nikkatsu who with Ohara also works in "Joshuu 101: Shaburu", "Genso fujin ezu "and" Nawa jigoku " and Rei Okamoto other popular actress
A movies that hides beneath its appearance of morbid entertainment a social criticism of the bourgeoisie as reported by several reviews and by the director himself. S&M has always been a practice for the rich, says Ohara and here, in fact, he gives the instruments of torture to an important Japanese man.. Oppose to him there is a member of the proletariat, forced, however, to follow orders.
Under aesthetics we can put photography and set design, strength  of Ohara that do not disappoint here, armed with a meticulous and intricate reconstruction of the house in which is set  the whole story and evocative visions.
We are in the Second World War and Maron Murayama, head of the military police, likes to use his power to arrest and torture women who attract him. With him there is his wife, and of course a number of collaborators. Namiji Kikushima is the wife of a wealthy businessman. She is beautiful and is noted by Murayama during a reception. Captured and imprisoned on charges of funding the opposition she is segregated in the villa of the man who abuses her and orders his men and his new collaborator Taoka to do the same. Taoka, however, is a different man of humble origins, away from power and falls in love with the woman. At first he refuses to do the job, then find pleasure and eventually helps the escape of the woman. A surprise ending closes what for many is a good testimony of Japanese society during the second world war.
Naomi Tani said that in the scene where is hanging upside down with her legs open, was really tied. There were no tricks.