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As the worst Italian speck Flashman tries to fend grabbing from the left and right, trying to earn his daily bread. An already not credible hero dress with a red gray suit (no better than a carnival costume) is actually a billionaire playboy, who investigates around the world about spies and counter spies, trying to recover an important invention of science fiction, also struggling against an inept police inspector. And is probably useless to say that the director Mino Loy, Luciano Martino unaccredited, take inspiration from Batman, Eurospy, Peter Sellers and even from sci-fi.
A mixture that becomes indigestible shortly after the cheerful song of the head (nice but at the end the soundtrack always runs on the same notes) and that takes us into a story that loses interest by the minutes.
Paul Gozlino is the smiling Flashman aka Lord Burman that among his many properties also has a bank. To investigate a scam by a gang of gorgeous girls captained by Alika (Claudie Lange), he pretends a bumbling employee. He finds himself, however, in the midst of another robbery, made by Kid (Ivano Staccioli) a criminal who stole the invisibility potion to a well-known professor.
From here the begin a plot made with, intrigues, betrayal and counter betrayal in a story that begins in London and then moved to Beirut, where is inserted the figure of a wealthy sultan.
Flashman with his extraordinary abilities (only physical no flash...weapons) fight against Kid the gang of Alika and also against the stupid Scotland Yard inspector.
Boring story written by Ernesto Gastaldi (which then creates important scripts level for the genre cinema) is a film that tries to amaze and entertain putting himself in the wake of what had been seen. The attempt is incredibly bad, a little 'for the excess of situations, a bit' for the apathy of the actors (annoying the inspector) and in our opinion, especially for a non-rich production that does not try too much. Invisibility, the center of the wave of crimes, is treated with transparent wires unavoidably wobbling of guns and objects that are kept by the transparent man.
For many a "cult", for us at best a "scult"