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Scandalo in famiglia

To see "Scandal in the family" we had to work hard. On Internet, on specialized sites, in the few niche shops remained. We watch until late night the regional televisions, and then we search VHS on our boxes in the cellar. Dusty and forgotten it was there, on a videotape shaky. A difficult adventure. On a shaky VHS. It’s the sign of a movie that perhaps the same protagonist, Gloria Guida, has forgotten. Sign of a loaf of Italian comedy or drama very inflated and full of titles worthy of oblivion. Sign that "Scandalo in famiglia" is one of those episodes that seek to follow the wave of the moment but that can not affect.
Marcello Andrei tries the way of the incestuous stories much in vogue in the mid-seventies, with a movie that point toward to comedy and of course on our Gloria Guida, once again at the center of the morbid desires of adults. Stripped and protagonist of an impossible love is the only decent aspect of this movie disappointing for structure, history and the waste of a potentially great cast.
Andrei tries the comedy way, failing completely objective and not remedying even on the erotic, represented only by the body of the fair guide and little else. Carlo Giuffre, Gianluigi Chirizzi, Lucretia Love and Luciana Turina, are the names that highlight the waste of Andrei, not skilled in managing such a large group of important names for genre cinema. So boredom reigns.
Donna Nunziata (Lucretia Love), the widow of a Sicilian baron sex maniac, asks to his brother Antonello (Carlo Giuffre) to help her grow her stepdaughter Elena (Gloria Guida). She falls in love with her uncle and tries in every way to seduce him. He even attracted promise her to Saverio (Gianluigi Chirizzi). But the passion between the nephew and the uncle is going to explode.