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The Night That Evelyn Left the Tomb

A great title, a Gothic scenary and a great pair of tits shown in the first minutes. And we have done the right choice for Halloween. In addition, the director Paolo Emilio Miraglia had already convinced with "La dama rossa uccide sette volte" realeased one year after this. Nothing can go wrong.

Instead, minute by minute "The Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave" go far from the horror genre focusing strongly on thriller. Not the seventies thrillers  but those of sixty, inspired by the great masters of the genre. A work out of time in a genre in great transformation and with a plot that slowly slips into boredom, especially in the central part. Miraglia finds quite at the end of the movie a great idea and a good eye behind the camera but unfortunately waste all with a ending very disappointing

Too many forced naked bodies,  more than action (and in favor of the male audience) and a structure too heavy and slow, ruin a film that has a good direction and a photography and above all a very experienced cast. Not a movie to be avoided but a one to remove the bad moments, trying to appreciate the good things, like darkness scenes and some murders.

Shot at the castle of Thiene "The Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave" has as protagonist Lord Alan Cunningham, a man which has never recovered from the death of his wife Evelyn. He is so haunted by the memory of his wife that he tortures and kills girls with red hair. Surrounded by a number of characters rather slimy, Lord Cunningham meets one day Gladys with which wed. The presence of women seems to change things better. For a while 'at least. Then the Lord comes back to kill while a mysterious killer is around and there is also the Evelyn's ghost. . She came back from the dead? Or there is a diabolical plan to seize the castle of Cunningham?

Anthony Steffen is the protagonist. A good character  accompanied by a series of beautiful women beginning with Gladys played by Marina Malfatti (who plays as well as many other films as "La dama rossa uccide sette volte"), by Erika Blanc and the unkown Maria Theresa Tofano that opens the film. The male cast is made up of experienced actors of the genre films like Umberto Raho, and Giacomo Rossi-Stuart.
A success at the box office for a film not perfect that was also distributed abroad.