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Everybody slams into the doors and should be a gag, but it’s not funny. Bumping into a door is still less annoying than seeing this 1975 movie that proposes most of the cast and the technical staff of "La Nipote". Same producer, Armando Bertuccioli, same author, Giacomo Gramegna, same actors that we will see later, but a different director. There isn’t Nello Rossati but there's Gianfranco Baldanello. Not that the first is a guarantee of quality and the second is the emblem of the trash (just look at the two curriculum that after all are equal) but we must recognize that Rossati in "La Nipote" find the right chemistry for a good movie, but Baldanello here didn’t find, although as already mentioned, he works with the same ingredients.

It must be said that create a good movie with a story like that, doesn’t seem difficult. Do something good with Daniel Vargas and Georgio Ardisson, doesn’t seem impossible. And especially please the male audience with Ilona Staller and Orchidea De Santis it’s really easy... oops ... that, in fact, is done.

The title (naive) refers to the main female character, played by Ilona Staller dubbed with Venetian accent. Still far from porn the Hungarian actress wanders graceful and provocative, lighting also deliberately, male fantasies. Complete female couple the prosperous Orchidea De Santis in the role of a theater actress from Romagna.
Stripped, palpate, always free the two are in a story tied badly together. Situations that follow increasingly the impression that there were few and confused ideas, with a comic moments exceeded at least several decades.
Louis Beton (Daniele Vargas) tries to get cash with a fraudulent sale of a villa made by the nominee Piero Spazin (Georgio Ardisson), also a sly con man. From here start their adventures involving the secretary Angela (Ilona Staller) and actress Suzy (Orchidea De Santis) and other unnecessary actors. Daniel Vargas and George Ardisson two experts of the genre films drown in a story that can be defined only in one way: naive.