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Santo contra el rey del crimen

The father. Son. And El Santo spirit.  Roberto or bet "Beto" is a boy who protects a girl from bullies and is cowardly beaten. Arriving home, he tries to hide from his father, with the help of the butler. The parent, however, notices and calls him and reveals an incredible truth. The man, Senor Llata, now old and sick was El Santo. A tradition, a heroic commitment of the family that has been handed down for generations and that his son, if he wants, can one day cover, but giving up everything.
Start with this "incredible" twist the new adventure of El Santo, directed for the first time by Frederico "El Pichirilo" Curiel expert director of lucha libre that will cross again his paths with that of El Enmascarado de la Plata .
Far from supernatural villains El Santo fights against common criminals, in what is both a curious but not so much funny movie. The sport is king here with the classic long moments of lucha libre, more violent than in the past and especially of Basque pelota, or if you prefer the pilota. The national Basque sport (bmoviesheroes recognizes the Basque Country as a nation) widespread in Latin America has intrigued several times the cinema and TV, and here it has a large space on is built a large part of the plot.
Our favorite Mexican hero instead is in the background, ready to intervene if necessary, but he isn’t the central figure of a film divided into three parts. We find Roberto or "Beto" adult and famous athlete world champion of lucha libre. The butler Matias (he looks the same despite year’s passes) reminds him the promise made to his father. Roberto, always takes from behind, has no doubt and asks Matias to pull out from a chest the silver mask. El Santo vuelve!.
Who has protected the world during all these years it is not given to know and it is the same answer that the newspapers have form the question of Roberto Llata missing. Rather than watch the adventures of El Santo, we end up following the story of the real protagonists: the policeman Fernando and his girlfriend, the journalist Virginia. The two that do nothing else than attend sporting events, notice strange inconsistencies in a game of pilota and especially the attempt to harm El Santo (with acid) during a match.
Behind these shady dealings there is the clan of Don Cosme, with a dwarf among his henchmen, who tries to get rich by the control of bets. Of course, he will have to deal with Ferninando and Virginia and especially with El Santo ready to intervene and break into the lair of evil.
The usual adventure of El Santo, between improbable moments and twists, is a bit 'squashed by a superstructure decidedly boring that tells of Ferdinand and Virginia. From this slumber we wake up when the hero comes into the picture, but it is very little compared to other chapters. Too bad, because as said "El Santo contra el rey del Crimen" has the original idea of ​​dealing with the pilota and above all it has a great cast.
Beto's father is played by none other than Rene Cardona, while Matias is Augusto Benedico that we will also see in other films of the series. Ana Bertha Lepe famous actress of Mexican cinema and ranked fourth in the Miss Universe 1953 is Virginia engaged Fernando played by Fernando Casanova another important name for the seventh Mexican art.