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Plaga Zombie: Zona Mutante

From 1997 to 2001 there are four years. Four years of work, which are necessary to Pablo Parés, Hernan Saez, to refine techniques and knowledge and prepare the second invasion of zombies.
If “Plaga Zombie" was a nice chapter, here the two go over, creating a unique "B movie" which becomes another cult for fans. "Plaga Zombie: Mutant Zone" sounds like a cross between a sort of revision, of the first movie and the sequel of the same.
Because on one hand the main characters, always Bill, John and Max, give the impression of already knowing what the future brings, on the other hand, however, the story is identical to the first movie, with the addition of an incipit. A middle ground good for who has seen "Plaga Zombie", which can be see some improvement or those who have not seen, which see a more than successful movie.
Always shot in a few locations and with a hand-held camera "Plaga Zombie: Mutant Zone" is definitely done better, both in the narrative and in the production which uses better the special effects, the scattering of blood and the infinite offal.
Peter Jackson instead is always the idol of the two directors who follow his footsteps, also increasing the comedic moment of the film. We laugh more. With zombies that seem to want to make fun of the victims, as in the wonderful scene where a blow out match of John create darkness, remembering even after the lightning of another match, a well-known video by the"Queen". We laugh more, because the former wrestler John West, “host” us in his house where he shows us a series of very kitsch memorabilia, including a vinyl record with a song (which enters the brain) that praising his qualities as a fighter, not counting a story of jealousy, between Max, the nerd and another similar.
Summarizing a nice fun, crowned by an inevitable bad taste scene, with a zombie using his intestines as a weapon.
We know that the event that triggered the invasion of zombies is an experiment authorized by the government, but it got out of control, and has infected an entire city. All dead or nearly so. Those who are still alive are our Bill, John and Max to which is added the brief presence of another Max. They have to face the horde, and they do it in the most classic way, slicing, crushing, and pulping zombies. A fight within the trio however undermines the balance turning Max, in a leader of zombies. A final wide open opens the third chapter that comes ten years later.
Among the characters, this time explodes the former wrestler John West, who gained much more space and brings more comic moments than the other and is interpreted by Berta Muñiz (Berta nickname inspired by a porn star), giant actor, former MTV VJ.