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Tranquille donne di campagna

After "Candido Erotico" Claudio Giorgi tries again the mixture of genres, mixing and confuse us with a movie a little 'dramatic and a little' comedy. One thing that shows all limits of a film uncertain, boring and predictable.
It must recognize that Giorgi exploits well his small budget, avoid the problem of reconstruction of the historical period (we are in 1936) by placing the whole story in a house and leaving to the hairstyles, clothes and words the meaning of the period.
A big saving that allows him to have a good cast, which relies primarily on the usual excellent Philippe Leroy able once again to give depth to his character. Too bad the other performers, with the exception of Rosanna Podestà, are far less credible and the story is banal. Christian Borromeo who plays Alberto, the other main male character does not go beyond his astonished expressions and much worse do Germana Savo, in the role of annoying Elisa.
The newcomer Serena Grandi in the role of a maid and Silvia Dionisio with a character turn point of history is the two beautiful of the movie, exploited in all their beauty.
Guido Maldini (Philippe Leroy) is the sultan of the family estate where he lives with his wife, children, cousin and maid. Convinced fascist, misogynist pimp, has a great self-esteem and very little of everyone else, of women to which he enslave to his will and especially his son Alberto, a fragile boy, shy and submissive.
Alberto suffers everything, insults, psychological violence, and physical and tries to find help in the other women. But even they are not perfect. The mother (Rosanna Podestà) has a relationship with the prefect (Silvano Tranquilli) and the aunt (Carmen Scarpitta) doesn’t mind an intimate approach with the guy. The only saving grace is the clever little sister Elisa (Germana Savo), to which is added after the presence of her cousin Gloria (Silvia Dionisio).
The arrival of Gloria, with whom Albert has a romantic relationship, might wake up him and make things change. But she is overwhelmed by Guido.
The final crescendo a bit 'pulled and predictable, closes a very pretentious film that probably wanted to discuss about psychology. It’s a too high goal for Giorgi and in his already short filmography we prefer the erotic comedies.