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I spit on your grave

With more obvious means available, a society changed over the years, a rebirth of the "I spit on your grave" found the light and a sense of being. Meir Zarchi director and author of one of the most discussed, criticized and hated "Rape & Revenge" back with his idea, with the most famous title, the one who he didn’t like leaving direction to Steven R.Monroe and taking care of the production.
Everything can be said of this genre. Despicable, hateful, a little 'stupid and that could also affect some weak mind. But here we try to talk about cinema and we must say that Monroe creates a work much better than the original, affecting much more the viewer  as is in the first part (the rape) as is in the second (the Revenge).
Undoubtedly helped by the things that we said in the opening Monroe creates a movie that works, that has a good direction and an equally good photography and reaching peaks of good for the genre. The misogyny of the 1978’s film with Jennifer that "stimulates" her jailors, here fortunately disappears, putting the bad guys under the light of ignoble beings and reaching in the second half at sense of liberation and justice. It’s clear violence is a crime, as the murders, but this kind requires these things and that's what Monroe offers brilliantly.
Remake with very few changes in the story (apart from the inclusion of new technologies) with Jennifer Hills, played by Sarah Butler a television actress, resembled to Camille Keaton, who rents an isolated house in the woods to find the inspiration for his novel. A series of unfortunate events led her to clash with a group of louts that before peak at her and then attack her at home. His desperate flight from the house make things worse, revealing that the sheriff is a bad man. Raped by the group, humiliated, Jennifer finds right time to jump off a bridge into a river. She disappears.
We don’t know where se end up. But we find her a month later ready for her violent revenge. One by one, the woman kills the attackers with tortures touching strong and splatters moments.
A young cast with different experience in major productions and TV series, give life to a remake more than successful and appreciated by the audience. Well, not all of were ecstatic because the unforgettable Roger Ebert crushed the film. Exactly as he had done with the one of Meir Zarchi.