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I spit on your grave 2

The 10s freaks of 2000 are no longer provincial louts but are fashion professional photographers. They are foreigners, Bulgarians, maybe to say Americans are good or maybe (we hope) for production reasons, as the film was shot in Sofia with local crew. In any case this is the core of the first sequel of "I Spit on Your Grave". Achieved with good results the remake, Steven R.Monroe sits again behind the camera and Zarchi is always the executive producer.
The ties with the original story, violence and vengeance apart, disappear leaving director and writers struggling with an original story. The task albeit helped by the return of genre and various forms is not easy. And we see it. Thomas Fenton among the authors of "Saw IV" and Neil Elman write a story already seen that adds nothing to the genre. The relationship between the victim and tormenter are always the same and always the same is the revenge. To tell the truth, the second part is also simplified by giving an aspect of action movie with splatter moments to the actions of the protagonist. Everything is really too easy. The plot of this genre is then followed as handbook, and the characters apart some little change are stereotyped.
Then there are moments that only serve to go ahead the story and some side characters as a policeman and a priest who investigate, are useless. It remains a valid direction fast and able to underline the strongest moments, good photography and the use of colors.
Katie Karter is a model that seeks to boost her image by a new book. She reads about a photographer who works for free. There she goes. She Pose, but the request to strip she leaves the studio. It did not go unnoticed, and one of the three boys at the studio sneaks into her house and rape her, killing a neighbor. Realizing the problem, the guy called the other two companions, who really are his brothers. The most polished of the three attempts to get rid of the evidence and decides to carry Katie in Sofia.
How she gets there is a mystery, but there the three give vent to all their perversions. They rape, humiliate, beat Katie and also to offer her to a middle-aged man. She flees and she goes to the police that delivery her into the hands of a woman who manage a center for abused women. Note: to the first person entering the police station the police give a foreign woman victim of violence. The woman is actually the mother of one of the three brothers (although she seems more his sister) and Katie returns to the house of torture. Other abuses, humiliation and teasing, until the final decision to bury her alive. She escapes and took refuge in the basement of Sofia and plans her revenge. As always all his torturers fall under her fury.
American production with Bulgarian and English cast is an example of how difficult is to innovate a genre. But the turning point of the series will come soon.