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I spit on your grave 3

From victim and avenger to avenge women. The courage to change should always be rewarded and only for that the third film of the modern saga "I Spit on Your Grave" deserves respect. After a remake and an independent episode the easiest thing was to continue with "Rape Revenge" satisfying the morbidity of the audience and commercially using the "brand" of Zarchi.

Instead R.D. Braunstein that takes the place as director of Monroe, changes everything and creates a story not Rape but very Revenge. The protagonist is always Jennifer Hills once again played by Sarah Butler. After the terrible adventure of 2010 Jennifer has terrible nightmares and is being treated by a therapist. To her she talks about her attempts to solve the problems, the attendance of a group of support and friendship with Marla Finch. This one, like Marla referenced is an outspoken character, which tells the raw truths and opens eyes to Jennifer. Furthermore she has a special hobby: she loves to go around beating men or at least humiliate them. In this game ends up gradually, Jennifer who after the murder of Marla by her former violent boyfriend, became a real avenger.

She becomes a kind of Dexter poorly organized and very poor which kills men who are guilty of violence against women. Murders to limit splatter on which also investigates the police and that lead us to a final twist that opens a possible new chapter. It must be said that, however, another episode in the saga should /may come soon, with a story that starts directly from 1978’s movie and that has Camille Keaton.
as protagonist.

Pending further news, we just have to try to understand this film by Braunstein. A difficult film to be labeled, so as to understand where the director would go with this. But despite that "I Spit on Your Grave 3: Vengeance is mine" is a nice movie, well managed and with good direction that offers, see the penis cut in two, the just and inevitable strong moments. A brave change of course that we like, especially for the references and for "The Rapist" that is written on the door of the therapist.