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La Mansion De Los Muertos Vivientes

Jesús Franco talks about zombies and gives us different emotions. For most of the movie, it seems to be in front of a beach comedy, with many naked women and lesbian softcore scenes. Then, it looks like a horror movie that doesn’t have great resources. And finally seems to be struggling with a director, the great Franco, a little tired. Because of his genius that made us crazy with many masterpieces, attractive and with a good story and with his crazy hand behind the camera with his visions, his elegance here there is little. There are some his cornerstone as the anticlericalism and the humor, the latter represented by the joke "I cannot sleep if I do not love."
In addition, the muse and wife Lina Romay here only thirty-one years, seems to have lost her beauty due to
Hairstyle lady of middle age and several kilos in excess. To add that she is with three other women that has little to say. We would like to admit that the lack of charm of the actress, counts for nothing with our judgment, but we are not hypocrites and we admit it: we lack the extreme beautiful girls that Franco used in his films.
Defects, errors that still remains there, in the head and then turn into something else, not in strength, but something that makes sense and that doesn’t not clash with the story.
Because although we have ascertained that there aren’t Franco nor Romay of the golden years, "The mansion de los muertos vivientes" with a realization a bit 'poor and the use of "MILF" (or similar), is able to convey posts of desolation, of decadence, of horror that are the center and the goal of the film. Thanks also to the location, a giant hotel in Gran Canaria, where there is no one apart from the four protagonists, the porter and a gardener. Franco plays well here behind the camera, shooting long dark corridors, gardens, beaches, and all empty, in which there are strange echoes.
The protagonists then, have a background a bit 'special, are four maids of a topless bar of Monaco of Bavaria, (but them doesn’t like German) that grant a holiday, the first, where they can give the green light to the many sexual lesbian impulses going around naked most of the time.

In this framework already perceived as uninviting (ok ... someone could tell us that four maids in search of adventures are very tempting ...) must be added a convent of friars who is nearby and that is the cause of violence, but especially that houses the zombies. It's time for talk about on these living dead, we have to say, are not made well. They have a white tunic and a plastic mask that should give him a skeletons look and one of them, a cross between a dead man and a living man, has a thin rubber mask.
We come back to the story, with all the protagonists that are in this deserted resort, the classic trap. A place where many centuries before was the headquarter of the Spanish Inquisition of the area.
Due to a curse by a witch, the friars were imprisoned between the earthly dimension and the afterlife. As they were those of the Spanish Inquisition, they did not hesitate, waiting to be released, to continue their work against sinners. And the tourists open-minded are an interesting subject.

In a slow and sometimes absurd movie especially in the many sex scenes, Franco reveals his cards, to bring to an end, a bit 'bizarre but works.
Apart Lina Romay we find Mabel Escaño a Spanish actress who still works a lot, especially on television and Antonio Mayans who plays the factotum of the hotel, Carlos Savonarola.
As all the reviews of this film reiterate, we do too not to be outdone. Someone apparently often likened "La Mansion de los muertos vivientes" with the "Noche del Terror Ciego" by Armando De Ossorio. The two films apart from the concept of the congregation and the appearance of skeletal zombies, have absolutely nothing in common.