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A.A.A. Masseuse, Good-Looking, Offers Her Service

A title like an erotic Italian comedy, American style opening credits and we have the suspicion that something is not going well. A doubt confirmed minutes after minutes with a film that would be a erotic thriller but that really is an erotic film a bit thriller. Demofilo Fidani after a long career in the "Spaghetti Western" seems would in 1972 to revive his career by entering in the trend genre of the period.

He tries to do it seeking an easy way, writing the script, the story and working with a some loyal actors from his beautiful daughter Simonetta Vitelli to Jack Betts and Giancarlo Prete. They are joined by another familiar face in the dusty Italian West, Franco Ressel and especially Paola Senatore, here at the beginning of her career and protagonist.

Lacking experience in the genre Fidani commits a series of narrative ingenuity that undermine the success of this work, not to mention that we are in the golden age of the genre and the inevitable comparisons with other films lowered even more the judgment. There isn’t a dramatic crescendo and murders are all the same, made by a killer with gloves (as the handbook of the genre). The attempt to insert a number of suspects is interesting but contrived and soon it’s possible to understand who the culprit is. “A.A.A. Massaggiatrice bella presenza offresi…” however, it’s not a complete disaster and must be recognized a good direction and some interesting topics as basic criticism to youth, parents, society in general and especially the issue of juvenile prostitution.

Just eighteen, Cristina Graziani (Paola Senatore) flees the oppressive parents and a life already planned. She voluntarily enters the world of prostitution by placing the ad in the newspapers that gives the title to this film. Perhaps it would be a sign of emancipation, of feminism, but the rules of prostitution are the same. There is a sexist and violent pimp and there are a number of morbid and slippery customer, that die after dates with Cristina.

The culprit must be found in the microcosm of Cristina. There is her roommate, played by Simona Vitelli, there is the morbid boyfriend of this, there is the protector of Cristina, her boyfriend and of course her parents. Framing this there is the commissioner, a side character than anything else, played by Ettore Manni. A very fast ending lead us to aesthetically beautiful scene (we are in Rome on the Ponte Flaminio) but too much melodramatic.

No doubt, the Italian thriller cinema provided us much more interesting movies but “A.A.A. Massaggiatrice bella presenza offresi…”  worth seeing only for the two female leads, Paola Senatore and Simona Vitelli that engage a beauty " challenge" with a result most surprising of the discovery of the culprit.