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Alice in Wonderland: An X-Rated Musical Fantasy

If the white rabbit was a human, it would be Bill Osco. A person that guides people in a world of great fantasies. That is what he did in the seventies, producing and directing porn films who have gone over to the niche audience. The list is long and among the many there is this funny masterpiece. An original musical "X Rated" directed by Bud Townsend inspired by the famous novel by Lewis Carroll. With a fun poster designed by Jack Davis one of the "Original Idiots" of the magazine "Mad" and a protagonist more than apt, we are dealing with a cult movie.
Kristine DeBell who plays Alice with her Lolita appearance (that created some problems for a Playboy set) in spite of his twenty-two years is the perfect characterization of the main character that discover sex and freedom of costumes.
After an argument with her boyfriend she starts to read the book of Carroll and finds herself in the wonderland, where she learns new and interesting things. Divided into chapters, the story brings the protagonist in the middle of hot situations involving a number of characters inspired by the work of Carroll.
Between craziness and soft and hard core scenes, we see many funny ballets that frame this film as an "X-Rated Musical", although the "X" replaced by a few years the "R". As the statement said at the opening of the DVD by "Subversive Cinema" when the film was released there were rumors of a few additional scenes not included. It was not a legend but a choice of producers who preferred to exclude the porn scenes. The recovery and the new release of 2007 allow us to see the uncut version.
A pleasant and insane film that makes better use of a budget not very big, taking advantage of the nature of the Stanley Park in British Columbia, the Evarts Library in Athens and using costumes that do not go beyond those carnival. Besides Kristine DeBell who continued her artistic career with more important movies there is actor Larry Gelman present in several films and TV series.