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A Werewolf in the Amazon

The "Santo Daime" is a sacred beverage for the eponymous Brazilian religion. It's the sacramental version of "Ayahuasca" and it contains DMT that may give hallucinogenic effects. The religion founded by Mestre Irineu has a small space in this Brazilian movie of 2005, with a group of guys who ventures in the Amazon forest to try this experience. And it's a good thing
Maybe even the director Ivan Cardoso, famous for his horror comedy has drink on the way the aforementioned beverage. And it’s not a good thing. Because this horror comedy after a good start is lost along the way in a "bad trip" wasting good ideas and a good cast led by the great Paul Naschy, the Wolf Man par excellence, in his ultimate appearances.
The idea of ​​"Um Lobisomem na Amazônia" known worldwide as "A werewolf in Amazonia" is potentially very good. Full of quotes, from Corman to Deodato through the classic of the genre, tells the classic canvas horror B movie, with the mad scientist, the monster, a number of people destined to bad end and a lot 'of boobs.
It's not clear how with this good base idea Cardoso manages to disappoint not giving us the  blood and especially emphasizing with an annoying jingle jokes spoken by the two comic reliefs, a couple, however useless, of policemen. From the second half onwards psychedelic and hallucinations takes the control, with images and with a history that is lost in the absurd.
Inspired by the novel “A Amazônia Misteriosa” by Gastão Cruls (itself inspired by "The Island of Dr.Moreau" by HG Wells), the film's central figure is the "mad professor" Dr.Moreau starring Paul Naschy subtitled in Portuguese. Hunted and fled to a remote point of the Amazon continues his experiments to create a super race, rereading his beloved Mengele and with the help of Zoltan the usual lame servant. He works also with a group of archaic warriors of the place, who running topless and provides the guinea pigs. In this already tangled history, there is, as the title suggests, a Wolfman who performs the classical mess and that the curriculum of the actors is easy to understand who he is.
Weak horror comedy filmed in Rio de Janeiro, has apart from Paul Naschy a cast of actors/ actresses and artists very popular at home. The direction by Cardoso doesn't offers great moments and the interpretation reaches the minimum wage.