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The United States call and Italy soon responds. A response not asked that doesn’t revives the battle US-USSR with "2001 Space Odyssey" and "Solaris". Lewis Coates pseudonym of Luigi Cozzi, taken by the fever of "Star Wars" tries to follow the path, forgetting, however, that to make a good "sci-fi" is need money or a great special-effects artist. Cozzi has neither one nor the other, and his attempt generates what is a great "scult".
The Doubt that he was aware too of the inadequacy of his film emerges but it’s in contrast to the honest attempt to create backdrops depicting planets, with embarrassing colored lights, to use badly the stop motion and paste just as bad on film various robots, monsters and spaceships. Who knows if Ray Harryhausen has seen this movie and who knows, the face has done. But apart from a very bad realization, we must recognize that Cozzi works with a good cast, at least in part. There is the beautiful English actress and model Caroline Munro, seen in many horror films or in films of Hammer and in "The Spy who loved me" who duels and duets in beauty with Nadia Cassini for once changing role and doesn’t shows her ass. In the male cast there is always adequate Christopher Plummer finished somehow in this production and a ridiculous Joe Spinell which take almost a baptism of a young David Hasseloff.
It must also be recognized, net of a terrible realization that "Starcrash" has a tight plot, full of events, which hasn’t slow moments. Indeed in a hypothetical happy ending is added a tail, made of explosions, laser swords and missiles.

Of the work by Lucas there is little or nothing, if we exclude the idea of stellar collisions and lightsabers. This film is much better known as "Starcrash" tells us in a comics epic style the adventures of criminal Stella Star (Caroline Munro) and her inseparable friend Akton starring Marjoe Gortner former preacher and actor. The two after an escape from a prison are captured by the Universal Emperor (Plummer) who hires them to find his son Simon or Raima (depending on the version) and above all to fight the Count Zarth Arn (Spinell). With them there is a robot, a little penis 'shaped that just takes a beating in all the planets where they end. There are the Amazons, led by Corelia (Nadia Cassini) and there are the troglodytes, some with giant robots (those glued to the film and moved in stop motion) and others with more rudimentary weapons. There is also an emissary of the count, but all this doesn’t prevent our heroes to find Simon (Hasseloff) that runs with a carnival mask and shoot lasers from eyes and take down the bad.
Between spaceships that end up on the beaches and overturned bins that serve as reactors, "Starcrash" is a funny movie, trash in the right way.