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Zombi 2

Do so much with little, create something that works and became a "cult." One thing that in the golden era of Italian genre cinema was did often. A thing that perfectly sums this "Zombi 2", a cult movie who also has a rather interesting genesis. The well-known producer Ugo Tucci received a screenplay written by Dardano Sacchetti but signed for tax reasons by his wife Elisa Briganti. The title is "L’Isola degli zombi", but was recently released "Dawn Of The Dead" by Romero, known in Italy with bad title "Zombi". Tucci sniffs the opportunity and the screenplay become "Zombi 2".

Joe D'Amato is one of the candidates as director, but is rejected for being too tied to the erotic genre. Then is called Enzo G. Castellari who asks forty million liras. Then there is Lucio Fulci that for economic reasons, agree to direct what is his first horror movie, and that opens him the door of the genre. "Zombi 2" is also a title that get angry George Romero and the co-producer of "Dawn Of The Dead" Dario Argento, who accuse Fulci to followed the trail of their film and ruining others projects. True from the commercial point of view, false from artistic one. The two films have very little in common, Romero’s movie, as we know, is focused on society critique instead Fulci’s  work is more adventurous, splatter and trash, and use the old formula of the cursed Caribbean island, of voodoo rites with so much blood, mangled bodies and rotting zombies.

A film that has a series of scenes that have made history, for both the absurdity of the situation that for the power of the images. Susan played by Auretta Gay, dive into the sea with oxygen tanks, in topless and in g-string and underwater she meet a shark but also a zombie. And then she fight with the animal (according to some sources, however, Fulci didn’t shoot this scene, and didn’t want it in the movie).

How not to mention the scene of the pierced eye of the beautiful Olga Karlatos, the trademark of Fulci’s cinema and good splatter moment or the death of Susan, killed in an old Spanish cemetery, which is not a nice place to go during an zombie invasion.

But apart from these scenes, questionable what you want, we must say that Roman director often demonstrates a fabulous hand, that with photography by his faithful Sergio Salvati, creates moments of horror very fascinating, also accompanied by a good soundtrack, composed by Fabio Frizzi . The zombies are good, with a great care shoot in their movements, especially in the fascinating final sequence.

Unfortunately, "Zombi 2" slips in acting that ruins everything beautiful and has this movie. A cast not at all convincing composed primarily from a sister art, Tisa Farrow, who has participated in some genre movie (including "Antropophagus" by D'Amato), and then disappear into thin air and generate a small legend, about the fact she became a taxi driver in New York.

Then a long list of common names in the credits of the time: Ian McCulloch, Auretta Gay, Stefania D'Amario, Dakkar, the brothers Dell'Acqua (Alberto, Arnaldo, Roberto and Ottaviano interpreting different zombies) that are on the side of Al Cliver, Olga Karlatos, Richard Johnson and Ugo Bologna.

A drifting boat comes a day in the port of New York and inside there is a zombie. The boat belongs to a doctor who since some time has moved to the Caribbean and is the father of Anne (Tisa Farrow). The girl who doesn’t receive information from the parent for some time, decided to investigate thoroughly. With her there is Peter West (Ian McCulloch) aggressive journalist looking for a scoop. Their investigations lead them soon to Matul, a cursed island, on which no one wants to go. Thanks to two tourists with a boat, Brian and Susan (Al Cliver and Auretta Gay), they arrive on the island. But the island on which works the father of Anne and his colleagues were infested by zombies, perhaps evoked by voodoo or generated by a virus. A fight between magic and science, the same two things that Fulci put into this movie.