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Social critics or a simply sexploitation, are the two ways to interpret this film. For us there is no doubt, the Finnish Gustav Wiklund, more famous as an actor than director, wanted to enter in the world of sexploitation, getting as close as possible to the border of the forbidden. It must be said that he reaches his target. Not that there's a very interesting story, a directing good for Oscar or even a perfect acting, no, none of that, but there's Christina Lindberg. And it’s enough to reach the goal. In 1971, twenty-one years, the Swedish actress embodies the canons of Lena, the main character, to the point where we have the doubt that came before the Lindberg and then the story. Innocent face, tiny body but explosive is the perfect victim of morbidity of adults, a role, as we know that the remains glued to her throughout the career. "Exponerad" premiered at Cannes that is the movie that gives her an international reputation, in a busy year in terms of works.

With a story in flashback, we see the story of Lena, who left alone for a few days by the parents, ends in a party that turns into an orgy. There she meets Helge a man who shot erotic pictures then blackmails her. Lena tries to escape, trying to explain everything to her boyfriend and takes refuge in a country house in the company of a couple who gave her a ride. Helge comes back several times in the life of Lena, as long as she doesn’t plan revenge. But after all, she didn’t dislike those erotic games.
This last aspect for us fundamental seems to escape from the different titles given to this film that point all to violence and abuse against Lena. In fact the character on one side has often violent erotic dreams adventures and the other tries to escape from them, adding to the plot another morbid aspect.

A story in itself is not very effective, told in a very slowly way, trying to exploit the Stockholm area and of course the body of the beautiful Christina, shooting several times naked and in erotic scenes. Wiklund sometimes has a good hand, especially in the erotic moments to which he adds metaphorical inserts (among them a scene from "Tarzan Triumphs") that show a willingness intellectual. But at the end this is a good sexploitation. And nothing more.

Badly received by critics at the time, "Exponerad" apart the star Lindberg, has a cast includes a number of very famous actors in the country, who have worked in important movies, as well as theater, radio or TV