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La Principessa Nuda

A critique to the West and Africa Worlds. In parallel. Contradictions, malpractice and shady business. A good point of view from Cesare Canevari seeks to develop with great effort. Unfortunately he not succeeding and getting lost in a story that's not clear where wants to go. The basic idea starts from an alleged sex scandal, which involved the Ugandan Princess Elizabeth Bagaya. A famous woman, loved and respected worldwide appreciated for her beauty and for her intelligence. A descendant of the royal family of the Kingdom of Toro, she graduated in law at Cambridge and became the first Ugandan lawyer. We are in the sixties and the dictator Obote removes all pre-colonial kingdoms, as well as his opponents, also endangering the safety of the family Bagaya. Salvation and fame comes thanks to Queen Elizabeth, who invites her namesake in London to model for a charity show. Elizabeth becomes famous, posing for various magazines and is invited by Jacqueline Onassis to move to New York. In 1971, Idi Amin seized power in Uganda and probably exploits the reputation of Elizabeth Bagaya and in 1974 appointed her as Foreign Minister. The idyll does not last long. The woman is accused of a sex and political scandal never proves. She would have had sex in a bathroom of a Paris airport (Orly apparently) and she works with British and American intelligence
And it’s on this alleged scandal "La principessa nuda" develops without hiding and with a strong slogan "From a sensational spicy international affair, now a shocking film starring the fascinating Ajita ". Canevari changes names, leaving the sex scene at the airport (in Milan in this case) at the end and trying to make a social-political critique.
Princess Mariam Zamoto called "The Naked Princess ", lawyer and model has become the battered wife of Taslamia’s dictator, Kaboto and also foreign minister of the country. Shocked by a public execution of her lover, the woman has a great sexual inhibition. She and another member of the government are sent for business in Milan, "The city of technology and of the future," says a line from the film, it should be light years away from backwardness cultural of the African country. Instead the " Naked Princess " is in the midst of unscrupulous entrepreneurs (who build poor houses...), the guide of an American spy named Gladys and a journalist, Marco that would seduce her to create a scoop. A bit 'all get naked, a bit' all are fascinated by this princess to the point that no longer understands what Canevari wants to tell. Drama. Comedy. Erotic. A story not convincing with a direction not exciting that gives us however some pearls, as the satire of Milan, with a series of colorful images and violent conflict with the lines that it is a modern and advanced city . Or the overlapping words of praise on Taslamia with images of executions and popular protests and finally the dream images in the representation of entrepreneurs.
The performance of the actors is not memorable, Luigi Pistilli seems disoriented as Tina Aumont. While the expressionless Ajita Wilson stands out more for the well known news that for her skill. Cesare Canevari to Nocturno said "We chose her (Ajita) because I needed a black woman and so we went to an agency in Milan but I can’t remember the name and I did see lots of photos including those of Wilson. I prayed not to say anything about her man past because otherwise it would have been a remarkable setback for the film.
I must say that she disguised very well, even if during the process she has always the fear that someone discovered that she was a man.
I remember the director of a distribution company and a seller abroad, my friends, who came occasionally to see if they taken away her and went to Spain... on a trip. When they returned they were excited and said: "What a night we spent!" and I, who knew everything, I said to myself: "Shit, that night you spent!". And if they had not noticed because she had the operation; even if could see she was manufactured: she had a breast that was there and another that went to the other side".