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Emanuelle and the White Slave Trade

A ship traveling towards the horizon. On board there is an orgy. These are the latest images we have of Emanuelle or at least of our heroine in the company of Joe D'Amato. A romantic farewell (...) for the last chapter that leaves room for a wide (additional) number of spin-off starring Laura Gemser.
Joe D'Amato and Emanuelle split up and we'd like to say that they greet us with a hit, with an unforgettable film. Instead, " Emanuelle and the White Slave Trade " is the usual series of adventures between the erotic and the "report" that we usually saw. Added to this must be said that our beloved Roman director can’t always exalting the most interesting moments. And the important moments in this series, as we know, are erotic ones. For example, the lesbian scene in the shower, a symbol of the whole movie, is shot badly, worse edited and reveals the whole stage fiction. Actually the great master is good in other moments, with the scene at the mechanic or the sauna on, but there doesn’t avoid saying that he was a bit 'down.
And it is a waste because " Emanuelle and the White Slave Trade " has a super duo protagonist, the aforementioned and inevitable Laura Gemser and the return of Ely Galleani, already seen in "Emanuelle Orient Reportage" and super meteor of genre cinema (unfortunately). With them are the usual shoulders: Gabriele Tinti and Venatino Venatini with the addition of all-rounder Tom Felleghy.
As the title suggests the aggressive journalist Emanuelle, investigating a prostitution and human trafficking. With her friend Susan (Galleani) she has hot moments (see shower scene and at mechanic) until she sniffs an opportunity to report another injustice. Both invited to a photo safari at the house of Giorgio Rivetti (Venatini), they find a suspicious traffic. Emanuelle enter in this gang as a prostitute, to disclose the bad guys. The dangers are many and the mission is not easy but again Emanuelle wins, exchanging the favor of a transfer by a ship in a manner easily conceivable.
Film that does the job without the slightest change the history of the series, but overall is pleasant, especially thanks to the two protagonists.